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Raccoons in the Attic… Bats in the chimney… Oh My

September 20th, 2018: When the nights get longer, nocturnal animals lurking outside become even more active. In the fall, that means a better chance for raccoons, opossums, bats and other nocturnal animals to enter your home.

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Are bats somehow special in their ability to host zoonotic viruses?

September 18th, 2018: Research suggests that bats may be special in their ability to host zoonotic viruses when compared to other rodents. What does that mean to a homeowner? A good start is with bat control.

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Common Damage Due to Squirrels

September 11th, 2018: The North American gray squirrel is an invasive species that can cause significant damage to your home and can also transmit diseases that trigger respiratory issues that affect you and your family members.

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Tips For Trapping Voles

September 7th, 2018: Voles are the outdoor version of your friendly, neighborhood house mouse. Voles need vegetation to live long lives, meaning they can damage your lawn and garden.

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Man Versus A Raccoon

September 6th, 2018: This is a true story about a man versus a raccoon! They are as cute as they can be but don’t be fooled as they are very dangerous animals.

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Rats & Mice Extermination

September 4th, 2018: Rats can easily adapt to our environments easily and most of the time, by choice. Due to the abundance of food and shelter rats adapt rather easily. We provide regular food sources like bird feeders, and pet food bowls that are topped off regularly.

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Mouse Facts for Kids | Say YES to SES

September 3rd, 2018: Mice typically enter our homes between October and February, looking for food, water, and shelter from the cold. While these rodents may look cute, mice spread more germs than most people realize. Mice can actually carry as many as 200 human pathogens!

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Beware of Potential Fire Hazards

August 31st, 2018: As winter approaches rodents may begin to take up residence in your home. They are not only a health hazard because of diseases they carry, but can cause fires too.

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4 Crucial Steps To Get Raccoons Out Of Your Attic

August 27th, 2018: So, you’ve got guests. They are uninvited, unwelcome, and totally unpleasant. They are raccoons… and, unfortunately, they will not leave by themselves. You’ve got a problem. You need raccoon control.

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The Invasion of Squirrels in the Attic

August 23rd, 2018: Squirrels are invading attics in homes all over Virginia as mating season is in full swing for these fluffy rodents. This is when squirrel control is very important to maintain the integrity of your home.

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