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July 7th, 2018: Black bears and human populations commonly coexist in many parts of North America, including Virginia. It is important to take precautions if you live in an area where black bears are prevalent.

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Are You Looking For A Wildlife Rehabilitator Near You?

July 6th, 2018: This is a comprehensive list of wildlife rehabilitators statewide. It is accurate and up-to-date. If there is no listing for your city/county, look for a rehabilitator in an adjacent county.

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Conflict with Wildlife

July 5th, 2018: As human populations rise and move into traditional wildlife habitat, human/wildlife contact is becoming more prevalent. This section provides general information and techniques for Virginia property owners when wildlife becomes a problem.

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Independence Day 2018

July 4th, 2018: On the 4th of July, the United States observes a federal holiday to commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and our country's freedom as an independent nation.

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Is There A Green Method To Get Rid Of A Bat Colony?

July 2nd, 2018: For anyone seeking an environmentally friendly way to get rid of a bat infestation in their home, we have answers here.

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Historic Homes In The Area: Circa 1880

July 1st, 2018: You may be wondering if we do animal control in a historic home built in the 1800s. The answer is a resounding,

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0Mosquito Season Has Begun: 11 Tips To Prep

June 28th, 2018: It is time to prepare for mosquito season. Here are 11 tips to help you as summertime approaches and mosquito control is more important than ever.

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How A Flooded Basement Can Adversely Impact Your Foundation

June 25th, 2018: Few things are more stressful and disgusting than basement flooding. Whether it’s one inch or one foot of water, the effects can be detrimental to your home.

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It&Rsquo;S A Snake! Now Let&Rsquo;S Answer Your Questions Are Black Snakes Poisonous In Virginia

June 23rd, 2018: When you spot a snake in Virginia, you want to know if it is poisonous. Here is a primer on our local snake population.

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Mosquitoes: Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

June 22nd, 2018: What time of day are mosquitoes most active? Some are more active during the day. Others are most active at night, dusk or dawn. For most species in the United States, their activity peaks during the dusk hours.

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