19 Home remedies & raccoon repellents to get rid of raccoons

Raccoon Removal in Northern VA

How can I try to limit the number of raccoons on my property?

Raccoons can be a major nuisance if people inadvertently provide them with food and shelter.

Raccoons are really adaptable and omnivorous creatures. They can eat berries, fruits, meat, veggies, and bugs. They are also nocturnal in nature and are very good climbers.

Furthermore, raccoons are quite destructive in nature and can ravage your garden and farm.

Here are some good practices to consider when dealing with raccoons;

  • Use garbage cans that have covers.
  • Wash your trash bin often.
  • Ensure there are no openings or holes, in your yard or garden walls, that can be accessed by a raccoon.
  • Do not leave pet food outside.

Below are 19 home remedies to get rid of raccoons;

1. Properly dispose of garbage

Rodents, such as raccoons, get attracted to the undisposed garbage that keeps lying in your yard for days.

Disposing of your garbage regularly would help in keeping raccoons away.

If disposing of garbage daily is not possible, keep the trash bins covered at all times to prevent the smell of garbage from spreading and attracting these critters.

2. Seal entry points

The best way to prevent living with the raccoons is to check for any gaps they might come in from.

They can also use your chimney or the small cracks in the roof to intrude your property.

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Just keep a constant eye on any such access points that may allow the rodent to get inside. Put padding and seal all the possible entryways.

3. Reduce darkness

Since raccoons are nocturnal and are active during the night, we can irritate them by installing lights near the house and in the attic, where they often make their nest.

A flashing or strobe light will deter them and keep them from invading your area.

4. Spread ammonia

The smell of ammonia is repulsive to rodents such as raccoons. They do not like to go to places having the strong ammonia smell.

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Put some ammonia in a small dish and place it near the garbage bin to keep raccoons away from the bins.

If the raccoon is in a place where you can’t reach easily, just dip some tennis balls in ammonia solution and throw them at the places where they are seen.

5. Avoid planting crops they like

If there is more than one raccoon in your area that tends to frequently visit your home and garden, its time to temporarily eliminate some of the vegetation that is liked by them.

Raccoons like to feast on crops such as watermelon and corn. If you are growing these crops, you are probably inviting more raccoons in your yard.

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Remove them until your completely get rid of these rodents.

6. Play loud music

Raccoons get scared when loud sounds are played and they run away.

Playing a loud sound or music during the night when the raccoons are active is a great way to make them uncomfortable. Make sure you are not disturbing any neighbors with it.

7. Spray cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper repels the raccoons in an excellent way and can be easily used to make a handy spray that you can use whenever needed.

Boil about one cup of cayenne peppers and 6-7 habanero chilies in enough water. Let the solution cool. Strain it and fill it in a spray bottle to spray at the places most visited by them.

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Don’t forget to spray near the entryways and over your garbage bin.

8. Hire someone to trap them

A raccoon trap is a sure shot way to get rid of the animal without causing any harm to it.

Hire a professional wildlife removal company and they will place the trap, bait it, check the traps daily and remove any animals they catch.

9. Spray the scent of one of their predators

A number of animals like bobcat, wolves and mountain lions prey on raccoons. Get their urine from an animal store near you and put it in a spray bottle.

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Spray it near your chimney and other places that are visited by the rodent. They will sense danger and will soon leave your place.

10. Install sprinklers

Raccoons hate getting wet and a sprinkler in your garden may irritate them.

Besides keeping your vegetation moist and improving plant growth, putting your sprinkler on work during the night will effectively keep the raccoon from getting around your house.

11. Keep the swimming pool covered

Water bodies in your yard may attract raccoons in your home. It is best to keep the pool covered with a wired mesh. It will also prevent transmission of diseases that are spread by raccoons.

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12. Have your dog help

If you have a dog at home, you can use it to scare away a raccoon. The rodent is scared of big dogs that can ward them off your house.

Dogs can successfully hunt for raccoons that remain hidden to nonchalant human eyes. So having a dog is a great home remedy for raccoons.

13. Sprinkle epsom salt

Epsom salt repels raccoons and other pests. The readily available salt can be sprinkled in your garden and in places where you spot raccoons. They dislike the scent of Epsom salt and will stay away from it. Make sure you reapply the salt in your garden after the rainy season to make the remedy work.

14. Use mothballs

Mothballs are a must have for any homeowner. Besides its capability to repel most insects and moths, it can be used to deter a variety of pests including rodents.

Put a handful of mothballs in the entryways to deter rodents with its strong and pungent smell.

15. Ultrasonic pest repellents

Ultrasonic devices made for deterring rodents work in such a way to ward off the pesky pests without causing any damage to them.

The ultrasonic frequency range is not audible to humans but can be displeasing to the raccoons. They will never want to live in a place with such a disturbance.

16. Garlic spray

Raccoons get extremely irritated by the strong smell of garlic. When mixed with chili powder, garlic acts as a natural repellent to keep them away from your house.

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Mix some freshly crushed garlic cloves with red chili powder and sprinkle it around the house and in your garden. As soon as the animal comes in contact with the garlic smell, it runs away.

17. Grow cucumbers

The smell of cucumber is disliked by most rodents. Planting them around the perimeter of your yard can keep them away. You may also place cucumber slices in the attic and in the entryways to repel raccoons.

18. Remove the food source

Having ample food for these critters in your yard and home will surely invite them.

Once they find easy food, it will become hard for you to eliminate them. The best way to prevent this from happening is to eliminate their food sources.

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You may inadvertently be feeding raccoons if you leave food for your pets, such as your dog, cat, rabbit and hamster, outdoors.

19. Spray vinegar

Raccoons can’t stand the smell and taste of vinegar. They will likely run away if it is bothering them regularly. Pour some vinegar into your garbage to prevent them eating from it.

Also, pour some vinegar on a cloth and place it in the areas where they visit most. You could also put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it liberally around your yard.

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