How to expertly removeraccoons from your property & safely relocate them

alexandria raccons eating You may have been told to stay away from raccoons, but they look friendly creatures when they are touring your yard. It is essential to remember that even without any visible signs, they may carry rabies and a wide range of bacterial diseases, but their roundworms are just as dangerous and you should seek raccoon removal in Fairfax, VA, as soon as raccoons invade your property.

Why worry about roundworms?

Roundworms, often found in the feces left behind where raccoons have been visiting your property, are easily transferred by hands and feet to humans. Roundworms can directly affect your brain and are one of the most serious diseases that are left by these animals.

Should you find raccoons within your property, you should not make any attempt to remove them or listen to old myths that suggest you can scare them away. You will need the professional services of a company like ours, that is experienced in safe raccoon removal in Fairfax, VA.

Raccoons make a mess?

The mess that raccoons make around your property, by overturning trash cans and removing fruit from your trees, are no more than a nuisance. It is when they move in and look to occupy your attic space, as their new home, that you should worry even more.

We can provide several options to remove the raccoons from your property. We will consider the most effective method to have all the raccoons and their babies removed, while guaranteeing your safety for the future. Raccoon removal in Fairfax, VA., may involve setting traps that can be checked every day.

We will help you improve your property, by providing devices and animal proof materials, so they cannot find a way into your property easily. This will stop raccoons from entering your home and causing damage. When we remove the raccoons, we will also clear the area of feces and odors, which may attract other animals to your property

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