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Anwar Khan
Sterling, VA
February 12, 2019

Trap for target animal (raccoon) for up to five business days. Install one RVG over attic fan to prevent animals from entering attic space. Remove all accessible batted insulation and fecal matter. Sterifab entire attic space to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install new baffles at soffit line and around entry hole. Air seal and cracks, gaps, and conduit lines leading from the conditioned space to the attic. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (15 inches).

Dawn H.
Ashburn, VA
February 7, 2019

Seal around chimney where it bisects the soffit On both sides. On the right side install one way exit. At right rear soffit return tighten and seal soffit. at left rear where soffit meets return, seal. On the roof, remove cover to attic fan and install steel screen to reinforce aluminum existing screen. Make sure the screen is tight against lid when reset. In attic, screen existing louver vents and cover with tyvek or weather resistant barrier. Seal hole in fiberboard over left side louvre from inside. Seal base of siding on left side of chimney. Return in April to remove one-way exit and do final seal. Add 6 to 7 inches of blown insulation across entire attic over existing cellulose insulation (currently 5 inches or less about R19). Additional insulation will bring current R-value up to R49 If done at the same time as bat work is done take off Prep eaves with baffles and rafter vents to keep soffits clear of debris. Baffle around access hatch with batted R38 to prevent spillage during future attic access.

Nilton Oliva
Sterling, VA
February 7, 2019

Trap for target animal (squirrel) for up to five business days. Install cream colored metal on the hole to prevent animals from entering the entry hole.

Elliot Teagle
Sterling, VA
February 5, 2019

Dig down up to 24 inches around front porch area and install stainless steel screen. Cement bottom to secure. Secure top of the screen with tap con screw. Backfill with existing dirt to help hide exclusion. Some exclusion may be seen. Install a one-way door to let the animal out from under the porch but not back in. One way will be removed after a period of time and exclusion finished. $1950 Bushes may be trimmed back during the process to gain access to parts of the porch.

Shaaron S.
Woodbridge, VA
February 5, 2019

Existing insulation is approximately R19. Needs to have additional blown in to bring up to current code recommendations, R49. Blow in additional R30 cellulose in the attic. Apply plastic drop cloths to closet space to protect the environment. Provide negative airflow to keep dust out of the living area. Install baffles as needed throughout both attics. Basement is not an issue at this time. May need to add about 28 LF of spray foam to outer rim joist in the utility room. Install 2 x 2 insulated attic hatch cover. Insulate rear garage attic, same as the main attic with blown cellulose.

Roubel Zaman
Springfield, VA
February 5, 2019

Set customer up on a rodent program for the year. Set up bait stations around the exterior, garage, kitchen, attic, and basement area.

Katrina Pistun
Montclair, VA
February 4, 2019

Install RVG over attic fan to prevent further animal entry. Evidence of raccoons and squirrels present. Install critter guard along gutter line of garage and main house. Remove ridge vent guard from roof, install 1/4” stainless steel mesh over ridge vent, re-install cover, secure with screws and roof caulk. Remove and dispose of existing insulation (batted) air seal and sterifab attic space. 4 recessed lights above garage blow in cellulose insulation to R49 (DOE standard) client must remove possessions from attic prior to work.

Satish More
Fairfax, VA
February 4, 2019

Remove and dispose of existing insulation. Sterifab and air seal attic space. Blow in cellulose insulation to R49. Install attic tent over scuttle hole. Middle of rear portion of roof. Remove shingles and underlayment, cut out rotten sub-roofing, replace with new plywood, new underlayment, and shingles color to closest match. Reinforce ends of soffit on the front of the house. Sink 2-3 inch screws through the rake boards at the corners. Install critter guard along sub roofing gap front and rear of home.

Keith Ogur
Woodbridge, VA
January 21, 2019

Trap for target animal (squirrel) for up to five business days. Repair composite shingled ridge vent where squirrels have chewed with new ridge vent and shingles to match as best as possible. Install metal with color to match as best as possible on rake board on both sides of home, fascia board on front and rear of home. Repair screened in hole on front right of home with new pressure treated wood and include the metal work on small section of soffit line. Install critter guard on subroofing gap along gutter line to prevent further chewing. Gutter and screened leaf guards may be removed during process and re installed with hidden hangers.

Cassandra McBurney
Montclair, VA
January 20, 2019

During time of inspection, no entry points for squirrels were found entering main attic space. Squirrel chewing activity was found on gutter line only. Seal up 5 corners on gutter line with cream colored metal to match home as best as possible to help prevent squirrels from entering gutter line and further chewing.

Albert Clark
Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA
January 18, 2019

Install R8 batted white psk panels and tape with white seam tape. Cut to fit each cavity

Mike Hartung
Manassas, VA
January 16, 2019

1. Raccoon trapping right corner townhouse roof and fascia. 2. Repair plywood felt paper, and shingles damaged by raccoons. shingle is 3 tab. Color to the best match. 3. install critter guard above fascia board with white metal to prevent chewing in the future.

Elizabeth Kiker
Arlington, VA
January 15, 2019

Trap for target animal (squirrel) for up to five business days. Install repair section of rake board. Install new white metal on rake board on both sides of home. Screen that is already installed will be re sized to fit and re installed during metal work on rake board.

Ned Majer
Fairfax, VA
January 14, 2019

Trap for target animal (squirrel) for up to five business days. Repair section of fascia board on back left of home. Will require removing existing gutter, metal, and damaged wood. Install new 1x6 composite fascia. Re install metal and gutter with hidden hangers. Re install and secure section of soffit line that is falling away from home. Install critter guard on sub roofing gap along the gutter line to prevent animals from entering attic space.

Wilson Peden
Arlington, VA
January 10, 2019

Screen from outside, 1 louver vent on right side of house and 2 smaller louver vents on left side of house. 1/4” stainless steel mesh

Rebecca Warischalk
Alexandria, VA
January 10, 2019

install a rvg over attic fan on rear roof, reinforce drip edge on front and rear of home with screws, remove batted insulation from attic to include droppings and dead squirrel, Sterifab treat attic to kill any bacteria mites or lice. blow in r38 cellulose insulation to va standard. squirrel entered through drywall hole at fire wall from neighboring home. seal hole with peice of metal 1ftx1

Jeff Mullen
Arlington, VA
January 9, 2019

Remove batted insulation from attic and blown from under to include mice droppings, sterifab treat to kill any bacteria mites or lice. blow in R49 cellulose insulation to va standard. route x2 flex ducts that are currently run to the inside of attic through siding with square exhaust vent covers being installed from outside and connected to flex duct. color to be white. install drywall insulated entry hatch to access attic from inside bedroom closet.

Jeff Leese
Annandale, VA
January 9, 2019

Raccoon removal from cheminy by trapping. install fixed cheminy cap, appears to be 12x12, will need a 40ft ladder set remove bird nesting from vent on rear of home and screen x2 vents with 1/4inch screen sreen louver on side of home with 1/4inch screen.

Lalah Masood
Burke, VA
January 5, 2019

Trap for target animal (squirrel) for up to five business days. Approved Install stainless steel screen on louvre vent to prevent entry of animal. Approved Install stainless steel RVG over attic fan to prevent animals from entering attic space. Remove damaged section of shingles. Check plywood. If plywood is damaged and has to be replaced, will be an additional $55 per section. Install new underlayment and shingles to match as best as possible. (Tamko 3 tab black) declined 2 year work and labor warranty on exclusions only

Sonie Weisenburg
Broadlands, VA
January 4, 2019

Five business days of monitoring and trapping for squirrels. Install roof vent guard over attic fan to prevent animal entry. Reinforce soffit above each downspout (8) with the almond trim coil, screws and clear caulk. Remove elbow downspout above the rear porch.

Lisa Freeman
Fredericksburg,, VA
January 3, 2019

Seal under the siding on the rear and right side of the home. Include any open conduit lines. Will help slow the progression of mice into the home. $450 Mice are very small and can fit into the tiniest of places. Crossover from other townhomes is possible. There is no 100 percent seal out. The exclusion will help seal out main areas of entry of mice that can be seen and slow their progression into the home. Monthly service is highly recommended.

George S.
Alexandria, VA
December 28, 2018

Current crawlspace is full of water, 8 inches approximate. Will need dewatering in two locations prior to any work commencing. Insulation in crawlspace ceiling is damaged and falling into space. Install temporary vented crock in front of right side crawlspace, discharge out into front yard. Remove root in front of second crawlspace opening on left to gain access to space and dewater. FastDrain system: Install full perimeter FastDrain system. Excavate as needed, backfill with washed stone and install FastSump system with liner. Discharge left front section of crawlspace to front yard with box drain and stone. A dedicated outlet will need to be installed by a licensed electrician. Crawlspace encapsulation: Remove debris in crawlspace Remove all insulation in floor. Install Inducer in duct work in space to condition crawlspace. Install Crawlshield liner around entire floor, up 6-12 inches and seal to foundation wall. Install Dimpleshield drain mat under Crawlshield liner to promote drainage and protect Crawlshield liner from damage. Install R11 Borafoam on all perimeter walls, seal wot walls with foam and tape and mechanically fasten. Install 2 poly hatches for crawlspace access. Insulate doors and weather strip. install battery backup and inverter along with high water alarm. Install WiseAir 55 dehumidifier, with hanger kit and discharge via gravity to sump. All work carries a 25 year warranty for workmanship and labor. The FastSump, battery, inverter and dehumidifier carries their own respective warranties.

Stephen Cook
Arlington, VA
December 20, 2018

raccoon trapping for 5 business days. No animal removal fee.

Vincent Santo
Centreville, VA
December 16, 2018

Trapping program up to one week. Repair and wrap left rake board and seal the gap. Repair right front gable and wrap left and right side with cream metal, the box left and right corner to seal holes and install cream color critter guard on the rear of the home and front small area behind gutters.

Edwin Jiman
Springfield, VA
December 15, 2018

Replacement of roof. Removal of debris. Checking of plywood under shingles, if the damage is found Summit will replace at a cost of $60.00 per section. New synthetic underlayment to be installed. New rain/ice shield installed. New drip edge/Critter Guard to be installed. Also, roof boots and shingled ridge vent ridge vent. 25-year Tamko 3 tab asphalt shingles similar to existing shingles.

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