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Towhid N.
Woodbridge, VA
September 15, 2021

Replacement of insulation in attic to include removal of old insulation and nesting from birds if visible, disinfect attic to clean. Blow in r38 cellulose insulation to current standard.

Jennifer N.
Montclair, VA
September 14, 2021

Repair soffit on front of home. Reattach and seal out possible rodent entry with stainless steel screws. Trim small tree branches with pruning shears back from home. Bundle branches for customer for easy recycling pick up. Repair gutter nail pops in front and rear gutters.

Eskender Z.
Alexandria, VA
September 13, 2021

Repair gap at brick/ trim edge of attic gable with heavy gauge stainless steel screen, caulk, and mortar. Place plywood over opening on right front and cover with metal to prevent chewing through. Remove all insulation from attic. Disinfect the entire attic with a mildew killing, fungus killing agent. Install new baffles to keep insulation in proper place. Blow in all new cellulose insulation to a depth of 14”, R49. Weatherstrip and insulate attic hatch.

Elizabeth P.
Burke, VA
September 11, 2021

Install a 223 vent for the two bathrooms on the front side of the home. Old exhaust pipes will be removed and new insulated duct work will be installed. Remove the old attic fan and install a new attic fan with a thermostat. Install a roof vent guard over the attic fan to prevent entry of animals into the attic space.

Tanzir A.
Arlington, VA
September 8, 2021

Blow in approximately 13-14” of cellulose insulation on top of the original flat roof in the attic (a gable roof has been built over the original roof). 13” of cellulose will provide an Insulation value of R49 (current code).Install foam board insulation on the attic access hatch and weather stripping around the opening to air seal the hatch way. Attic space does not open into the soffit areas of the home so no baffles are needed.

Lyssa W.
Fredericksburg, VA
September 8, 2021

Remove all insulation and debris and clean droppings from mice, bats owls and squirrels. Disinfect entire attic. Install baffles to keep insulation in place. Air seal all cracks and crevices and penetrations from wiring, plumbing, and hvac. Weatherstrip attic ladder hatch. Blow in all new cellulose insulation to a depth of 14”, R49.

Jim B.
Fredericksburg, VA
September 7, 2021

Install can light covers over all recess lights and spray foam around the edge of the can light cover. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R38 (11 inches) in the attic space. Install rulers to show depth of the insulation. Baffle around the entry point.

Rosemarie W.
Fairfax, VA
August 31, 2021

Drill out in between floor joist in ceiling of garage and fill pack with cellulose insulation plug holes mud and sand after fill packing insulation for better energy efficiency of master bedroom. Spray foam two sides of vaulted ceiling located with in attic with 2 inches for better energy efficiency of master bedroom, remove All accessible insulation from main attic to include rodent and raccoon droppings, disinfect attic to kill bacteria, parasites, or fleas if present. Blow in cellulose insulation to current standard of R38 after removing soiled insulation.

Lisa M.
Reston, VA
August 30, 2021

Move around the insulation and air seal gaps and conduit lines with spray foam. Install can light cover over the recess light. Insulate the entry point and install weather stripping. Install new baffles at the soffit line and around the entry point. Blow over existing insulation with 10 inches of cellulose insulation. Install two 223 vents on the backside of the roof and connect two bathroom fans with insulated flex lines.

Tamara B.
Vienna, VA
August 27, 2021

Remove all the blown in/batted fiberglass insulation and fecal matter. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install baffles at the soffit lines and around the entry point. Install weather stripping at the entry point and insulate the entry door with foam board insulation. Air seal gaps and conduit lines for better energy efficiency. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches).

Robert N.
Fairfax, VA
August 27, 2021

Rake over attic to level insulation and blow in or 19 fiberglass insulation color pink to existing to better insulate and provide energy efficiency to home. Plug holes in ceiling of garage with cock or spray foam so insulation doesn’t fall through wire penetration points and blow over our 38 blown in insulation to current standard.

Robert B.
Burke, VA
August 26, 2021

Remove all batted and blown in insulation from the attic space. Air seal with spray foam any crack, gap, and conduit line leading from the conditioned space to the attic space for better energy efficiency, seal out areas for mice as well. Install weather stripping around entry point and insulate entry door. Install new baffles at soffit lines for proper ventilation. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches)to Virginia standards.

Biruk A.
Falls Church, VA
August 24, 2021

Remove the flashing and section of shingles around the chimney. Replace one section of damaged plywood on then backside. Check the front side of the chimney wood for damage and replace if needed. Install new ice/water shield, shingles to match existing as best as possible (Tamko three tab antique slate), and black metal flashing caulked to seal to prevent leaks.

Nanda N.
Falls Church, VA
August 13, 2021

Remove birds nesting to include droppings inside of vent on left-hand side of home and wipe siding of bird droppings, disinfect event for any bird mites or parasites. Install one white bird guard over vent to prevent bird from entering entering.

Leslie H.
Woodbridge, VA
August 13, 2021

Remove screen from within attic right gable vent to access nesting and droppings ,remove visible droppings and nesting under gable vent inside of attic to include disinfect treatment of entire attic to kill any bacteria, fleas, or parasites. Deodorize attic for any smell of urine. Replace right gable vent with almond color standard 24 x 24 and screen gable vent over garage left upper roof and right side of home to prevent squirrels from entering. Replace insulation removed under gable vent which is a 10 foot area a long walk with blown in fiberglass

George S.
Fairfax, VA
August 13, 2021

Remove squirrel nesting from the soffit lines. Install baffles at the soffit lines and around the entry point. Move insulation as best as possible to air seal gaps and conduit lines. Sterifab entire attic space to disinfect. Blow over existing insulation with cellulose insulation to reach 14 inches (10 inches will be added to the existing).

Don D.
Annandale, VA
August 12, 2021

Install bird guards on five vents and install stainless steel heavy gauge screen over gas fireplace vent to prevent nesting. One vent is for a dryer, it will have a lint free vent. Clean out rain gutter of nesting materials on right hand dormer (left gutter if facing dormer window).

Mark J.
Leesburg, VA
August 12, 2021

Replace rig board one upper rear left section of home to include wrapping with white metal and ceiling to brick to prevent squirrels from re-entering. Install RVG on attic fan or a roof where squirrels are pushing it into your mesh to enter attic. One-way exit to be installed at time of replacement of rake board to prevent trapping squirrels inside and then return a week later to remove and seal

Kevin M.
Oakton, VA
August 11, 2021

Install metal behind gutter line On rear of home and reinforce with screws to prevent raccoons from chewing at top of facia board. Install RVG over attic fan on rear roof to prevent any type of wildlife from entering into attic. Screen left and right gable vent on side of home to prevent that from entering slats and hanging off into your screen.

Kathi T.
Clifton, VA
August 11, 2021

Blow in r38 cellulose insulation under subflooring of upstairs attic, voids are accessible from the knee wall attic located within the master bedroom. After insulation is blown in, staple baffles in place to prevent insulation from falling out. Cut opening at top of wall inside attic at stairs linear footage of 40 foot from end to end and then fill pack wall with cellulose insulation, approximately 5 to 6 inches will be blown in and then drywall will be replugged mud and sanded. Conduct courtesy exterior mice treatment around home.

Dustin S.
Partlow, VA
August 10, 2021

Remove batted insulation from attic to include bat droppings, disinfect attic to kill any bat mites or bugs and or present bacteria. Baffle at rear and front roofline points inside of attic to also include around scuttle entry. Below and are 38 cellulose insulation to current standard. Oh and rear of home shave spray foam at block fireplace or left-hand side which means house and seal With a clear sealant. Screen left and right Gables from exterior. Box off 10 dormer pockets on front and rear of home with white metal on the left and right hand side. Install back one-way exits as needed at soffit in roofline of dormers.

Kerry N.
Fredericksburg, VA
August 10, 2021

Spray the bathroom vent lines to kill the wasps. And install a heavy gauge stainless steel screen on the vent covers under the soffit in the rear. Also put a mesh screen for insects inside the stainless steel screen, made of fiberglass. Caulk around the vents as well. Three vents.

Scott M.
Haymarket, VA
August 10, 2021

Dig 2' down- Create footer around decks Pour Concrete. Install 1/4 stainless steel screening into footer. Attach stainless steel screening to bottom of deck structure. Backfill. Attach one way doors to both deck structure's give allow time for wildlife to leave, come back secure 1 way doors.

Sara S.
Aldie, VA
August 10, 2021

Install heavy gauge stainless steel screen under deck and buried into ground to a depth of 18” and encased in concrete. We will reattach the lattice over the screen so the appearance remains the same. Also we will check the deck for any issues, and reattach a few trim boards that have pulled off their nails. Remove the small tree under the deck. Remove the screen in right corner and add a new one.

Mihir P.
Falls Church, VA
August 9, 2021

In the basement utility area, remove the indicated insulation in the rim joists on front side of the home. Spray foam the indicated section of the rim joists with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam. In the garage attic, spray foam the indicated knee walls with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam. Dig a trench from the existing sump pump pvc pipe discharge line to the rear right corner of the yard. Install a drain box on the rear right corner where the drainage pipe will end.

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