Job completed for Tony D.

Completion date: April 30, 2021

Location: Montclair, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

Remove all insulation, trash, fecal matter, and nesting. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install new baffles at soffit lines. Client will provide 24 pieces of 2x8 plywood. Summit will install the plywood with screws provided by the client as new storage area. Baffles will be installed on outer edges of the plywood to prevent insulation from falling into storage area. Air seal with spray foam any crack, gap, and conduit line in the attic space leading from the conditioned area. Blow in new cellulose insulation under the new storage area boards. On outer edges of the attic blow in 14 inches (R49). Install critter guard along sub roofing gap to prevent entry of animals. Remove old louvre vents and install new white vinyl louvre vents with stainless steel screen on the outside to prevent entry of animals into the attic space. 

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