Tim J

Wildlife Expert

Hometown: Lamore, CA

Certifications: HBCC, Wildlife Certified, Trapping License, US Marine

Hobbies: Music, Kayaking, Hiking

Birthday: January 08th

Tim J
Tim J
Jobs Completed by Tim J

Lisa Freeman
Fredericksburg,, VA

January 3, 2019
Solution Provided: Seal under the siding on the rear and right side of the home. Include any open conduit lines. Will help slow the progression of mice into the home. $450 Mice are very small and can fit into the tiniest of places. Crossover from other townhomes is possible. There is no 100 percent seal out. The exclusion will help seal out main areas of entry of mice that can be seen and slow their progression into the home. Monthly service is highly recommended.

Edwin Jiman
Springfield, VA

December 15, 2018
Solution Provided: Replacement of roof. Removal of debris. Checking of plywood under shingles, if the damage is found Summit will replace at a cost of $60.00 per section. New synthetic underlayment to be installed. New rain/ice shield installed. New drip edge/Critter Guard to be installed. Also, roof boots and shingled ridge vent ridge vent. 25-year Tamko 3 tab asphalt shingles similar to existing shingles.

Susan Voss
Vienna, VA

December 14, 2018
Solution Provided: Trap for target animal (raccoon) for up to five business days. Install two RVGs over two attic fans to prevent animals from entering attic space. Install stainless steel screen over five louver vents to prevent animals from entering attic space. Install one chimney cap on the chimney on the rear of the home. Repair section of roof on the backside where shingles have been damaged. Three tab shingles with color to match as best as possible.

Sarah Sheafor
Annandale, VA

December 5, 2018
Solution Provided: Rat program (30 days) Install glue boards, snap traps, poison on the inside and outside, and tracking powder in the extra room in the basement area. Pest technician to have two follow-ups. Dig up one section 3 inch PVC pipe and install new 3-inch PVC pipe with new gravel. On section of brick, located near the pipe, dig down 12 inches and install quarter inch stainless steel screen. Cement at the bottom and secure top with tap con screws. Some of the exclusion may be seen. Backfill with existing dirt. In the extra room, remove a section of drywall to clean out accessible nesting and fecal matter. Sterifab to disinfect.

Anthony D'Ambrisi
Stone Ridge, VA

October 10, 2018
Solution Provided: Summit removed the squirrels from the soffit in one quick visit.

Jennifer Attiliis
Haymarket, VA

September 21, 2018
Solution Provided: Summit performed snake removal in the form of a snake survey.

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