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NOTICE: We Do Not Handle Cat Or Dog Calls. We apologize for any inconvenience. Here’s what to do:

Please contact your local municipal animal control office for domestic issues.

Need Help With Removing A Different Animal?

Summit Environmental Solutions (SES) is a full-service provider offering animal control solutions for a variety of situations.

SES offers 24-hour animal control, 7 days a week.


What Does Summit Environmental Solutions Do?

Summit Environmental Solutions (SES) handles wildlife removal when their behavior becomes too destructive, dangerous, or they chew and gnaw their way into your home. We employ advanced technology and the most effective techniques to safely and humanely relocate animals.

Additionally, many animals and their habitats or homes are protected under local, and Federal laws. Displacing animals without proper licensing and training, or damaging or destroying their home can carry fines. SES is fully licensed to handle animal control situations within the framework of the animal’s safety and the law.

SES is not licensed to remove felines or canines or to deal with bites or fighting. However, if you have a cat or dog that is deceased, we will remove it from your property or home for a fee.


When to Call Animal Control?

A Licensed Wildlife Technician from SES may be employed anytime an animal has taken up dwelling on or near your property and is generally unwanted. Animals, especially those that are diseased, may be a hazard to people and property. Our fees are competitive for expert, humane animal removal.


What Can Summit Environmental Solutions Animal Control Do?

At SES, we can handle a wide array of animal control situations, including:

And many more…


Who Are Our Customers?

We are local Wildlife/Animal Control Experts who work with homeowners, property management companies, municipalities, and commercial-industrial accounts.  We also work with state and local authorities by providing information for new laws and regulations regarding and the handling of nuisance wildlife.


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Summit is the best. Over the past two years we've been faced with two major issues with a family members houses that we had to renovate. I'm pretty sure we'll be in the Summit "world record" books for eternity for raccoon abatement. They were professional, extremely responsive, empathetic and expert in their tasks. We were provided constant updates by their team members. We have complete trust in their ability to analyze the job, recommend effective and reasonable solutions,implement and follow through accordingly. The support staff is equally polite and professional and have followed through on all aspects of our jobs. We highly recommend Summit Environmental Solutions.

Ellen M. Annapolis, MD

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