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Need Animal Removal Services in Virginia?Need Animal Removal Services in Virginia?
October 24th, 2018
There are just going to be times where we require animal removal services, and this may be a household pet or random outdoor animal. Oftentimes, people do not know whom they should call in this type of situation.

The Real Risks of a Rabid RaccoonThe Real Risks of a Rabid Raccoon
October 16th, 2018
October 16, 2018: Find out how to tell if a raccoon is rabid, what symptoms to look out for, and what to do in the event that you do get bitten.

20 Fun Facts About Squirrels20 Fun Facts About Squirrels
October 4th, 2018
Squirrels are amazing creatures. They can leap 10 times their body length and turn their ankles 180 degrees to face any direction when climbing. Here are 20 fun facts about squirrels.

Why is Critter Control Important? Why is Critter Control Important?
August 8th, 2018
August 8, 2018: Critter control is a very important part of owning a home. Many people are not aware of the number of critters that can damage and eventually, over time, ruin their home.

Conflicts with WildlifeConflicts with Wildlife
July 5th, 2018
As human populations rise and move into traditional wildlife habitat, human/wildlife contact is becoming more prevalent. This section provides general information and techniques for Virginia property owners when wildlife becomes a problem.

8 Things To Repel Animals8 Things To Repel Animals
June 15th, 2018
Here are some ideas of what to plant in your garden to deter theses eight different animals.

Major Steps in Professional Bat RemovalMajor Steps in Professional Bat Removal
May 28th, 2018
Bats may sometimes find their way inside the house through an open window or crevice. If the room is closed off from the rest of the house, it may have a hard time finding its way out. We can help you make it escape.

Top 3 Reasons to Remove Dead Wildlife from Your PropertyTop 3 Reasons to Remove Dead Wildlife from Your Property
May 27th, 2018
Many homeowners believe that if a deal animal on their property can just be thrown to the edge of the yard or buried. That is not the case and will explain why..

All About The North American Red FoxAll About The North American Red Fox
May 13th, 2018
The North American red fox is a unique and beautiful animal found frequently in Virginia. It is a member of the Canidae family and is a part of the order Carnivora within the class of mammals.

The importance of squirrel removal for your healthThe importance of squirrel removal for your health
March 7th, 2017
Squirrels look furry and friendly, but they are still a form of wildlife that you cannot have living in your home.

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