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Need Animal Removal Services in Virginia?Need Animal Removal Services in Virginia?
October 24th, 2018: There are just going to be times where we require animal removal services, and this may be a household pet or random outdoor animal. Oftentimes, people do not know whom they should call in this type of situation.

Who Needs Rodent Control? Possibly You!Who Needs Rodent Control? Possibly You!
October 17th, 2018: When I was young, one of my most distressing memories was walking to my bedroom and finding a little mouse at my feet. That's when I knew we needed rodent control.

The Real Risks of a Rabid RaccoonThe Real Risks of a Rabid Raccoon
October 16th, 2018: October 16, 2018: Find out how to tell if a raccoon is rabid, what symptoms to look out for, and what to do in the event that you do get bitten.

Squirrels in Urban AreasSquirrels in Urban Areas
October 6th, 2018: If you are having issues with squirrels in the attic and need squirrel control, please call Summit Environmental Solutions to schedule a free inspection and squirrel removal.

20 Fun Facts About Squirrels20 Fun Facts About Squirrels
October 4th, 2018: Squirrels are amazing creatures. They can leap 10 times their body length and turn their ankles 180 degrees to face any direction when climbing. Here are 20 fun facts about squirrels.

Tips For Trapping VolesTips For Trapping Voles
September 7th, 2018: Voles are the outdoor version of your friendly, neighborhood house mouse. Voles need vegetation to live long lives, meaning they can damage your lawn and garden.

September 5th, 2018: Let’s answer this question in two parts: First, let’s take a look at why we consider mice pests and second, what actually makes them super?

Beware of Potential Fire HazardsBeware of Potential Fire Hazards
August 31st, 2018: As winter approaches rodents may begin to take up residence in your home. They are not only a health hazard because of diseases they carry, but can cause fires too.

These Squirrely-Squirrels!These Squirrely-Squirrels!
August 16th, 2018: Squirrels tend to hide from humans and pets. However, they are not shy about taking up residence in your attic, especially during the cold winter months.

What should I do if I find a nest of mice in the attic? | Say YES to SESWhat should I do if I find a nest of mice in the attic? | Say YES to SES
July 9th, 2018: Finding mice in the attic can be unsettling. Here are some ideas for you to keep in mind when they are spotted and you need to remove them.

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