Job completed for Jennifer M.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

Attic baffle installation and clean out of eaves. Install new baffles between truss chords and vacuum out eaves only. Install wood baffling around the attic staircase to prevent insulation from falling into living space. Secure support beam. Right side attic at garage attic. Drill through and bolt carry beams. Install jack stud to top bearing plate. No structural issues noted. Replace damaged trim around the dormer on the left front side of the home. Both corner boards each side, prime, caulk and paint. Customer will supply paint. Check returns on the front reverse gable for damage. Touch up the left return with paint. Left utility room, repair crack with fast setting epoxy. Clean and apply encapsulation primer to the area repaired when complete. Re-attach blanket insulation.

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