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Roof Coating Solutions in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, and Alexandria, VA

Ultimate Roof Protection with Shingle Shield from Summit Environmental Solutions

Concerned about the longevity of your roof? Summit Environmental Solutions has the perfect service to extend the life of your roof between 5-10 years.  

Shingle Shield: Your Roof’s Best Defense

Shingle Shield represents the pinnacle of roof coating technology, offering comprehensive protection against a myriad of environmental threats. This advanced roof sealant is designed with your home’s safety and longevity in mind, ensuring that your roof remains in prime condition year after year.

Superior UV Resistance

One of the most damaging elements to your roof is the relentless barrage of UV rays from the sun. Shingle Shield’s unique formula includes potent UV blockers that safeguard your shingles from the harsh effects of sunlight, preventing premature aging, warping, and cracking. This UV resistance is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and flexibility of your roof.

Enhanced Water Repellency

Water infiltration is a leading cause of roof damage, leading to leaks, mold, and structural compromise. Shingle Shield acts as a waterproof barrier, repelling water and ensuring that your home stays dry and damage-free. This enhanced water resistance is your best defense against the challenges posed by heavy rains, snow, and ice.

Algae and Moss Inhibition

The growth of algae and moss on your roof can detract from your home’s appearance and lead to shingle deterioration. Shingle Shield is formulated to resist these unwanted growths, keeping your roof clean and preserving its aesthetic value.

Energy Efficiency Boost

In today’s eco-conscious world, energy efficiency is more important than ever. Shingle Shield reflects sunlight and reduces heat absorption, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer months. This reflective roof paint not only lowers your cooling costs but also contributes to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly home.

Diverse Application

Shingle Shield is versatile and suitable for a wide range of roof types, including flat roofs, shingled roofs, and metal roofs. Its easy application process makes it an accessible solution for both DIY enthusiasts and professional roof coating contractors.

Why Choose Summit Environmental Solutions to Protect Your Roof In Northern Virginia?

A roof typically lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on what the roof is made of and what the typical elements that the roof is exposed to on a regular basis.  So

What are the Most Common Ways Roofs Get Damaged?

  • Damage from excessive moisture
  • Punctures and cracks from poor installation and maintenance
  • Loose and broken shingles-age naturally with time and become weak
  • Structural damage-the roof buckles, tilts and shifts over time

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? 

The cost for a new roof in Fredericksburg, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia is a question on a lot of customer’s minds when they have a damaged roof.  The cost for new roof is dependent on the type of roof you get, such as what type of materials are used and how much of the material is needed to complete the job. Oftentimes, roof replacements might be covered under your homeowners insurance if the replacement is needed due to something like hail damage and occasionally from animal damage. Your insurance however will not pay for simple repairs due to wear and tear damage.

Summit will provide you an estimate for a new roof with straightforward pricing and can help walk you through your insurance claim, if needed.

Where does Summit offer Roofing Coating Services in Virginia?

Summit provides roofing contractor services to all of Northern Virginia. This includes locations near:

Additional Services Summit Offers in Northern Virginia

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Ready to safeguard your home with the ultimate roof protection solution? Contact Summit Environmental Solutions today for a free consultation and estimate. Let us help you enhance the durability, efficiency, and appearance of your roof with Shingle Shield.

Take the first step towards a stronger, more resilient home.

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