Job completed for Phillip B.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed a new roof.

Solutions provided:

New roof replacement, new roof will be three tab 25 year shingle with color to be more a black. Old roof to be removed and debris cleaned up, new roof will include Critter guard at roofline, new roof boots, new ridge vent, new underlayment. Insulation from attic will be removed from the roof due to limited access by removing sub roofing plywood to access both attics, insulation to be removed from both attics to include rodent droppings. Both attic’s to be disinfected to kill any bacteria, parasites, or fleas. R38 cellulose insulation to be blown in both attics to current standard. HVAC ductwork to be seam tape at holes were mice have chewed. Old gutters and downspouts to be removed in new 6 inch white gutter to be installed, new three-quarter inch white downspouts to be installed around home. Oversize white leaf Solutions to be installed over top of gutters to keep free and clear of debris. Wow on roof spray treat for carpenter bees on front at dormer windows and set up bait station rocks around exterior of home. Replace attic fan in hardwire.

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