Job completed for Alyssa T.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer wanted home repairs done.

Solutions provided:

Install new fan in shower/tub enclosure, duct to outside of roof per code. Install new switch by licensed electrician. Some drywall blowouts may be required to facilitate installation. Customer will be responsible for repair of drywall when completed. Main bathroom vent was closed into attic. Cut existing opening in roof to permit main bathroom vent to discharge onto roof into 750 vent.

Left side of home, addition, roof decking is sagging. Inspection reveals fungal growth in tight attic space. Lack of ventilation due to no vented soffits around entire home. Demo all existing roof decking, install new decking with encapsulation primer. Expose area at eaves, install baffles as needed to permit airflow. Replace existing 5 tab shingles with new 5 tab shingles, synthetic underlayment, ice/water shield and drip edge to eaves and rakes. Install new composite ridge vent along entire main roof line. Includes installation of new composite matching cap shingles. Soffit replacement: Demo and install new vinyl vented soffit along entire perimeter of home, including rear addition.  Demo of roof on addition revealed warped and damaged upper trusses. Sister in additional wood to secure and flatten roof profile.

Demo damaged insulation from space. Install new 12 mil liner over top of existing liner. Seal to walls and wrap all columns. Install Borafoam on all walls up to sill plate. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to rim joist around entire perimeter to air seal and provide R13 insulation. Close and seal all crawlspace vents. Install new poly hatch, without hinges to opening and insulate hatch. To partially condition space a silent fan will be installed in the hallway pantry closet which will draw air into the space and condition it.

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