Job completed for Jamie B.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed repairs to their roof and attic space.

Solutions provided:

Best choice for best return on investment, comfort and energy savings overall. Remove all batted insulation and vacuum all visible and accessible rodent droppings. Apply disinfectant to attic by fogging to kill any virus, bacteria, and/or fungus from rodent/animal droppings. Air seal ceiling penetrations (conduit lines, gaps, and around tops of skylights) with 1part spray foam to reduce conditioned air leakage from below. Secure microwave vent to exhaust vent on the roof as best as possible. Use hvac tape to help create positive pressure and seal. Bae eaves and install rafter vents to prevent blown insulation from blocking sot vents and ensuring proper ventilation from sots. Inspect ceiling for weakness, damage and integrity. Blow in new cellulose blown insulation, batted fiberglass around the skylights and/ or blown fiberglass where appropriate. R49 will be installed in areas that can accommodate this level of insulation. Eaves are too shallow to accommodate a sufficient depth of insulation for R49. Bae, insulate, and weather strip access hatch.

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