Job completed for Jane C.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new insulation.

Solutions provided:

Spot clean the attic space and sterifab to disinfect. Remove the nesting out of the soffit line. Remove the insulation out of the soffit lines and install baffles for proper ventilation. Air seal conduit or gap as best as possible for energy efficiency.

Baffle around the entry point to prevent insulation from falling into the space below. Insulate the entry door with foam board insulation. Blow over existing insulation with cellulose insulation. Remove damaged section of plywood and shingles on backside of roof. Install new plywood, ice/water shield, and shingles to match existing as best as possible. (Tamko three tab redwood). Install one new 2 inch circular vent for the soffit on the backside of the home.
Paint an almond colored to match as best as possible.

Install critter guard/drip edge on front and rear of home to prevent entry of birds and other animals into the attic space. Caulk under the rake board to prevent entry of bats into the attic space on both side of the home. Inside the attic space use a spray foam to help seal between the firewall and the rafter on the right and left side of the attic space. Install one roof vent guard over the attic fan to prevent entry of animals into the attic space.

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