Job completed for Atseez N.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

Blow cellulose insulation into the attic space above the bedroom over the garage. Currently has fiberglass batted insulation. Summit will add approx 8-10” of blown in cellulose insulation on top of the fiberglass batts to raise the R value to above R-49 (current code).
In addition Summit will rake and evenly spread the existing attic insulation in the main attic area of the home.

Summit will drill a drywall plus out of each stud bay in the front exterior wall of the garage. We will then insert the insulation blower hose in the space and dense pack the stud bay with cellulose insulation.
After filling each stud bay as much as possible Summit will replace the drywall plugs and install one coat of drywall compound to each patch. Price does not include finishing the drywall or painting.

Summit will push back the existing insulation in the attic of the home to locate all accessible ceiling penetrations. We will then seal all accessible gaps with foam insulation to prevent air leakage from the conditioned living space below.
After air sealing the technicians will rake the existing insulation back into place.

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