Job completed for Virginia M.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed a roof repair.

Solutions provided:

Existing roof past end of life. Some damaged decking noted as well. Tarp covering portion of roof. Ventilation is non existent and roof fan is non functioning. Tear off existing shingles and underlayment. Remove roof fan and discard.

Inspect and replace up to 5 sheets of decking. Will need to verify decking or 1 x boards.

Install 15# roofing felt.
Install drip edge on all edges; includes rake and around reverse gable at entry point.
Install ice and water shield.
Two chimneys in roof;
Left side, install chimney cricket to divert water around chimney. Includes new flashing for both chimneys.
Install ridge vent along entire length of roof.
Install 25 year gray, 3 tab Tamko shingles.
Clean up and disposal of all waste and roofing materials.
Caulk cracks in brick on rear and right side where window meets brick. Seal electrical cable entry point. Flexible caulk will not match mortar or brick but will be matched as close as possible.

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