Job completed for David C.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

Demo old batted insulation in main attic. Blow in cellulose to achieve R38 insulation. Add baffles around hatch entry point. Replace damaged entry hatch with PVC hatch, weather stripping and foam board.

Apply thermax foam board over existing batted, spray foam the wedge area where there is no insulation present. Spot spray foam area to air seal.
Right rear knee wall area:
Add thermax and weather stripping on hatch door, both sides of knee wall with spot spray foam to air seal knee wall.

Install thermax left and right of built in cabinet, air seal.
Air seal and insulation rear of cabinet with 2 inches of closed cell foam.
Add thermax and weather stripping to hatch door.

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