Job completed for Kishla A.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

In the rear attic space remove the batted/blown in fiber glass. Sterifab to disinfect. Air seal gaps and conduit lines. Include removing the accessible blown in insulation on the edges of the main attic space. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches). Some areas will have less due to floor to roof clearance. Include baffles at soffit lines where needed.

Remove the plywood boards carefully and place to the side. Remove the blown in insulation. Air seal the gaps and conduit lines with spray foam. Blow in new cellulose insulation level with the floor joists. Re install the existing floor boards as best as possible. Install radiant barrier along all the roof rafters to radiate the heat away from the attic.

Replace the attic fan motor and thermostat that is wall mounted on the gable vent.
Remove hard duct lines for two bathroom fans located in rear attic space. Install new insulated 4 inch duct lines. Install new exhaust vents on the out side of the home and attach the new flex lines. Includes bird guards to prevent entry of birds.

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