Job completed for Natalie H.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

Insulation in both attics is inadequate in places, piled up due to other work and requires replacement. New lighting fixtures throughout home show problems with gaps into the attic. No baffles installed in either attic at eaves. 2 bathroom fans are ducting into the attic. Remove all insulation from both attic spaces. Remove plywood from right attic floor.
Perform air seal to all penetration points, fixture installations, both attic spaces. Install light covers per code requirements for recessed lighting in both spaces. Blow in R38 in both attic spaces.
Add baffles as needed front and rear for both spaces. Install stainless steel screens at all three gable ends.

Plywood under bump out is damaged and rotten.
Remove two stacked step assemblies. Remove damaged plywood. Install new pressure treated plywood
Apply spray foam as needed to compliment any existing insulation. Install heavy duty stainless steel cloth on each side of bump out.

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