Job completed for Jenny R.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed to add insulation

Solutions provided:

In the basement area indicated by the technician demo a section of the drywall ceiling to access the rim joists on the rear right side of the home. Remove the batted fiberglass insulation in the rim joists. Spray foam the rim joists with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam. Seal the bottom edge of the seal plate to prevent the movement of the air. In the living room, peel back the carpet and seal along the bottom edge of the wall to help prevent further air leakage. Once the caulk or spray foam has set the carpet will be set back into place as best as possible. Under the fireplace bump out, remove the bottom part made of wood and the batted insulation. Spray foam two inches of closed cell spray foam and fill any further gapping between the new bottom composite panel and the spray foam with new fiberglass insulation. Along the underside of the siding on the rear right side along the living area seal with clear caulk to help mitigate further air leakage into set area. On the front left area of the basement ceiling indicated by the technician, a drill and fill will be executed. Drill holes in the indicated basement ceiling and insert an insulation tube. Dense pack the basement ceiling voids with cellulose insulation. After work is complete the holes will be plugged and mudded.

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