Job completed for Bee L.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed new attic insulation.

Solutions provided:

Remove all of the batted/blown in insulation in the attic space. Remove mouse feces and use sterifab to disinfect. Use copper cloth to seal possible entry points for mice. Air seal gaps and conduit lines with spray foam for energy efficiency. Install foam board insulation on the entry door and weather stripping around the entry point. Install new baffles at the soffit lines and around the entry point. Blow in all new cellulose insulation to reach 14 inches (R49).Bathroom line in rear of the attic will be properly vented through the roof to a new 223 vent. Remove old hard line and install a new insulated flex line. 223 vent in the roof will be properly installed and sealed.

In the walk in attic, remove the old plastic barrier over the existing insulation. Install a reflective radiant barrier over the existing insulation. If any possible entry points for mice are found those spots will be sealed. Seal one vent with stainless steel screen from the inside of the crawlspace. Seal one possible point with copper cloth and caulk inside the crawlspace indicated by the technician. Replace section of siding and reinforce the existing j channel. Siding to be provided by the client. Seal one hole on right side of the home indicated by the technician. In the crawlspace, remove fallen R19 batted fiberglass insulation. Replace indicated fallen insulation with new R19 batted fiberglass and secure with tie rods. Remove the piles of acorns as best as possible. Use Sterifab to disinfect the entire crawlspace.

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