Job completed for Keith B

Why did the customer contact us?

Referred by Carl Powell. The customer has had squirrels in the attic for a few years and it is just getting worse.

Solutions provided:

Trapping program up to 1week for squirrels on the front right eave of home and after trapping is completed, box hole with cream metal to prevent further entry.
Recommend critter guard reinforcement with cream metal behind the gutter line on home and wrap corners at the hip roof to prevent future entry.
Right corner ridge vent repair.

Mice treatment in the attic before and after insulation is replaced.
Droppings, borrow leaves and chewed insulation found in the attic. Per client request, remove insulation to include droppings and inspect all wires and hvac flex duct. seam tape any hole in flexduct. take pictures of any damage found to wires for repair. sterifab treat to kill any bacteria mites or lice, client to be out home for 2hrs. blow in R49 cellulose insulation to va standard and install baffles as needed.

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