Job completed for Sarah S

Why did the customer contact us?

I have chipmunks or rats chewing through the drywall into a garden room, then eating a metal trunk to get to birdseed – and also eating fertilizer! Need help getting rid of them and help to block their access!

Solutions provided:

Rat program (30 days)
Install glue boards, snap traps, poison on the inside and outside, and tracking powder in the extra room in the basement area. Pest technician to have two follow-ups.

Dig up one section 3 inch PVC pipe and install new 3-inch PVC pipe with new gravel.
On section of brick, located near the pipe, dig down 12 inches and install quarter inch stainless steel screen. Cement at the bottom and secure top with tap con screws. Some of the exclusion may be seen. Backfill with existing dirt.
In the extra room, remove a section of drywall to clean out accessible nesting and fecal matter. Sterifab to disinfect.

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Tim J,

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