Job completed for Anne K

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer called with concerns of water flooding into the crawlspace and needs waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation.

Solutions provided:

Summit to pump out water from the crawlspace and remove old debris, insulation, and vapor barrier.
The perimeter will be dug out in order to install fastdrain. install fastdrain and corner port connects, fastdrain will be attached to the sump pump and backfilled with gravel.
rear right corner to be dug out for install of the sump. crock/basin to be set in place and electrical power hooked up. runoff for dump will be through rear right foundation wall and run behind the shed in back yard.
crawlspace to be treated under subfloor and rim joist for mold.
dimple shield drain mat to be installed to floor with a 16mil vapor barrier.
R13 batted insulation to be installed underneath subflooring of crawlspace per VA code. any unforeseen issues are not in this contract.

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