Job completed for Mike M

Why did the customer contact us?

Mr. Mudd called and said they have birds in the food court and needs abatement.

Solutions provided:

Complaints of brown colored birds near Atrium, food court and in front of AMC theater. Likely cause is house Sparrows.

Recommend trapping program as follows:
Apply glue boards and if needed bird traps in discrete locations over the marquee and above the food court in wood panel suspended from ceiling. Customer identified one was in that area. In areas where birds are suspected glue boards with bait from the food that’s served in the area will be needed.
SES will make a site visit each day for 5 consecutive days, weekends excluded, to see if the bird issues are being addressed.

Customer understands there is no warranty of any kind for this service but SES will make every reasonable effort to capture birds. SES will exercise complete discretion to limit any exposure to guests of Tysons Galleria.
SES will humanely dispose of any birds captured.

A minimum 24-foot ladder and 12-foot step ladder will be needed to set traps.

Additional trapping may be needed. SES makes no guarantee that any birds will be trapped or recovered.

Team members on this project:

Tim J,

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