Job completed for Tangly C.

Why did the customer contact us?

Moisture in attic and viable mold on ceiling. Checked attic and seems to have a lot of moisture.

Solutions provided:

Existing attic has improperly installed batted insulation butting up to the soffit vents at the eaves. Some ventilation but not enough to properly keep the attic dry. There is no attic tent on the stair case as well which is also a contributing factor to water vapor rising into the space and hitting a cold condensing surface. Remove batted insulation and dispose. Remove approximately 4 x 8 area of planks. Perform air seal on penetration points. Blown in R38 cellulose over entire attic. Install insulated attic tent. Install baffles at eaves. SES will guarantee all work for 3 years. This will address the issues of moisture entering the attic from the living space and condensing on the underside of the roof deck.

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