Job completed for Paul S.

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed home repairs.

Solutions provided:

Screen left and right exterior gable vents to prevent wildlife from entering attic.
Install two are veggies on your attic fans to prevent wildlife from entering into attic.
Replace attic fan and main attic with a new 600 CFM hardwired attic fan.
Run new 15 foot flex duck in main attic from bathroom exhaust to port at roof to exhaust humidity, existing come detached due to it being taped. Run a coupling and use screws to ensure that it doesn’t come detached again. In closet of master bedroom over doorway use killz spray paint after wiping Wall, Apply one coat in over a parent mold that is growing.
Install baffle war using cardboard around Scotto opening into attic to prevent Insulation from falling down.

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