5 Signs You Have A Raccoon

You may be in need of raccoon removal services from Summit Environmental Solutions and not even realize it! While considered to be absolutely adorable by most homeowners, these black-masked creatures are actually are the true bandits in nature. Here are some reasons why:

Raccoons: Adaptive, intriguing, and destructive

Hailed as one of the most adaptive creatures in the world, these semi-social animals have been transitioning from areas of the wild into urban regions consistently for the past several decades. While the raccoon may be appealing to the eye and their characteristics may intrigue us, they are considered to be pests due to the immense amount of damage that they are capable of causing. Unfortunately, you may not even realize that you have a raccoon until the damage has been done. In this brief guide, you will learn 5 signs that it is high time to call for raccoon removal services from Summit Environmental Solutions.

Sign #1: The presence of the tracks

The very first and most common sign of a raccoon issue is the presence of tracks. The tracks of these creatures are considered to be relatively easy to identify. On the most part, they are quite similar to the footprints of people; however, these tracks will typically measure approximately four inches or less.
In order to uncover raccoon tracks, areas where there is a presence of soft soil, around fence lines, near buildings, around trees, and near where garbage containers are kept should be inspected. If you discover footprints that resemble very small human footprints in these regions in and around your home, do not delay; it is time for raccoon removal services.

Sign #2: Visible traces of scat

If you observe visible traces of scat or feces, you may need raccoon removal services. In many instances, the presence of scat may be the only sign of an infestation. Unlike the tracks left behind by raccoons, the feces left behind may not be as distinguishable. The scat from these animals resembles that from other animals. The secret is to look in certain locations for the scat. Raccoons typically leave their droppings near the bottom areas of trees, near piles of wood, and locations that are similar in nature. If visible traces of scat are in these locations; it is time for raccoon removal services.

Sign #3: Scratches on or around the home

Most raccoons engage in the process of scratching on the surfaces of trees; particularly towards the bottom, at the base. Additionally, they scratch on sheds, porches, and other structures on the property. To identify these marks, you will want to look for marks that are worn, various types of oils that could have been emitted from the animal’s body, as well as any distinguishable hairs. If you observe any of these signs, raccoons may be an issue near your home.

Sign #4: Unusual sounds

According to studies, raccoons have the unique capability of producing in excess of fifty unique sounds. These include growls, high-pitched squeals, purrs, chittering noises, snorts, and snarls. If you find yourself hearing unusual sounds that cannot be pinpointed to a domestic pet or another wild animal that is native to your area, chances are, you are hearing raccoons.

Sign #5: Garbage invasions

If you find that your garbage is consistently being invaded, it is nearly 100% likely that you have a raccoon. These creatures have a natural knack for finding their way into trash bins. They are attracted to the smells that emerge from the containers and will use whatever means necessary to reach the items within the trash that are emitting the smells. On the most part, this characteristic is driven by their need to forage for food and eat. Even when their natural food sources are plentiful, raccoons will opt for garbage. If you find yourself struggling to keep your trash contained, there is probably a black-eyed bandit behind the invasion. This is a sure sign that it is time for raccoon removal services.

Bonus tips
If you find that you have raccoons, it is important to understand that many issues may arise from the invasion. In most instances, the animal is simply searching for food. In other cases, it may be looking for an ideal den location. You should optimize the habitat around your home in order to prevent complications from occurring until the animal extraction company is able to arrive and successfully remove the raccoon. The following outlines a few basic steps that you may take:
1. If you see a raccoon, do not go near it and, above all, do not feed it.
2. All garbage containers in and around the home should be secured with a device that will eliminate raccoons from breaking and entering. Examples of ideal devices include ropes, chains, clamps, and similar devices.
3. Feed pets indoors and keep all pets inside of the home at night.
4. If you have a pet door, lock it at night.
5. Secure all compost containers where food is placed.

Raccoon removal services are an absolute must if you find that your property and/or home is being invaded by a raccoon – even if it is just one. If you are ready to eliminate the threat that these creatures pose to you, your loved ones, your pets, and your property, simply call us here at summit environmental solutions today for assistance: 703-520-5868

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