9 Driving Tips For Deer Mating Season

The following tips are important for limiting the chance of being involved in a vehicle-deer collision:

Deer Mating SeasonNever veer for deer! Making a sudden, sharp turn is dangerous! It can place a driver in the path of on-coming traffic or worse, cause the vehicle to strike a fixed object like a tree or utility pole!

  • Deer travel in herds, so, the rule of thumb is, if you see one deer, chances are good that there are more!
  • If you are in an area where deer are known to be, slow down. It will be easier to stop at a slower speed.
  • Deer feed primarily between sunset and sunrise in wooded areas and around watersheds. Be aware of the area when driving.
  • Stay alert and keep both hands on the wheel at all times and eyes on the road.
  • Deer Mating SeasonDrive carefully at night. Use high beams when possible and when there is no oncoming traffic. High beams illuminate a wider area.
  • Clean your windows and ensure all exterior vehicle lighting is operational. A clear windshield will help a motorist see greater distances.
  • Use peripheral vision. Scan each side of the roadside, as well as straight ahead and in the distance, for movement.
  • Should a motorist strike a deer, never approach an injured animal. Pull to a safe location with hazard lights on and call the police. Drive safely this fall.

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