Are raccoons relatively friendly and easy to remove from your property?

As a habit, individuals tend to carry out preventative maintenance at home during the warmer months and you may not visit your attic area at all during the colder, winter period. During this time, raccoons may have moved in and given birth to several babies and it is only in the spring, that they will look to move elsewhere within your property to find a good supply of food and water. Should you believe that raccoons or other wildlife have entered your property, use our raccoon removal in Alexandria, VA, services immediately, otherwise your family may be in immediate danger.

The problem might be in your yard

You may not realize that raccoons have moved into your attic, because you may only notice when your garbage cans are toppled over every single day, as the wildlife are looking for food. Should this occur frequently, you should activate our services for raccoon removal in Alexandria, VA, because it means they are living close within your property.

They carry and spread harmful and infectious diseases

You should not attempt to remove the raccoons from your attic space, because you may become covered with raccoon feces, which carry the diseases and parasites, which cause the biggest problems to humans. The raccoon’s roundworm will not be killed by simple home disinfectants. The eggs will live on and become an even bigger danger. Although infections with humans are rare, they can damage your heart, your eyes and brain and of course, those of your family.

Catching raccoons is not straightforward, but we have the professional experience in being able to trap the raccoons and return them to a safe environment. Our service that arranges raccoon removal in Alexandria, VA, is environmentally friendly, shows caring consideration to the wildlife and effectively removes them from your property. We will also clean the area efficiently to remove any potential future contamination. Our operation will also include sealing your property so the raccoons cannot find an easy way to enter in the future.

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