Are Snakes Easy To Remove From Your Property?

In busy neighborhoods, you are unlikely to see or find snakes in Virginia like pit viper’s, the northern copperhead, rattlesnakes or the eastern cottonmouth. Nevertheless, you should note that it is against the law to kill a snake in Virginia unless there is a threat to your safety. Better still, you should call us for wildlife removal services in Fairfax VA so we can safely remove the snakes from your property.

Which snakes are venomous?

Timber rattlesnakes are venomous and dangerous to both humans and your family pets, should they be provoked. As experts at wildlife removal services in Fairfax, VA, we know where to find snakes around your yard, under your deck, and potentially, within your property.

Quite clearly, you should not attempt to remove snakes from your property, although the law does allow you to destroy snakes if they are a danger to you or your livestock. Most individuals will not know how to complete this task safely which is where our wildlife removal services in Fairfax, VA, can spring into action for you.

The rules about relocating live snakes ensure that the methods of trapping and relocation are humane to the animals. We understand the best ways to complete this task and know where the snakes can be safely relocated. It is our desire to release them to areas where they will be able to survive within a natural habitat.

You should know that venomous snakes will not be relocated per the rules and regulations, and it is unlikely that most individuals will be able to tell the difference between a poisonous and a nonpoisonous snake, without referring to an Internet search, first.

Snakes can be very tricky to catch and often know how to avoid setting off traps. We understand that persistence is important when trying to catch live snakes. They may need to be baited to the become easier to catch.

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