Bird Removal in Fredericksburg

Birds fly together in groups and nest together, this can lead to some pretty interesting, dangerous and frustrating wildlife/human conflict.  For example, a flock of Canadian Geese can be a real nuisance on a golf course due to the copious amount of droppings they can produce but that same flock is downright dangerous around an airport (remember Cpt. Sully and the bird strike causing him to land a commercial jetliner in the Hudson River! Thankfully not one human life was lost and he was ultimately considered a hero!)

Our fine feathered friends are a marvel in nature, but in our homes and businesses, we would rather they kept their distance.  This is simply because they make a mess!  Birds are opportunistic and just trying to make their way in the world like us, but that doesn’t mean we should tolerate or allow them to live in our vents, signage, canopies, attics, decks, roofs and parking garages.  The health risk and damage impact can be significant. Bird droppings are caustic and can cause the metal to degrade and weaken. Paint can be permanently damaged. Nesting can be visually impactful in signage and give the impression of lack of care and upkeep as well as clogging vital venting or allowing allergens and pathogens to enter structures. Ectoparasites such as bird mites can make a homeowner head to the local Motel 6 to live until the parasites are treated and dealt with.  Bird dropping can spread and transmit a number of diseases.

We are approaching spring and many migratory as well and resident bird species will be looking for homes and potential nurseries to raise the next generation. At Summit Environmental Solutions, we are strong advocates of wildlife management through prevention. The screening of vents, installing visual deterrents, and installing structural bird exclusion netting can solve many problems before they manifest or can solve an existing problem in conjunction with removal and clean up.

The season is almost upon us so call us for a consultation and a proactive plan to manage your bird control problem in a professional and humane way!

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