Choosing A Wildlife Removal Company

It is not unusual for wildlife to take up residence in or around your home. Squirrels, raccoons, possums, and skunks are only a few of the wild creatures endemic to the state of Virginia. With residential areas constantly encroaching on natural habitat it is not surprising that wildlife has learned to adapt to the presence of humans. If left alone, wildlife will soon take up residence under your porch, in your garage or in the attic. These animals can cause significant damage if they are allowed to remain; this is why knowing how to choose the best wildlife removal services in Loudoun County is important.

Animal Removal is not an easy job! It requires a lot from a Wildlife Removal Expert. Here is a list of what it takes to be a tech:

  • Physically demanding: Success in this field requires walking, climbing ladders, scaling roofs, crawling under buildings and into attics. If you cannot lift 80 pounds or more comfortably, you would not be able to work with ladders. Animals can weigh anywhere from 2 pounds for a gray squirrel to 20 pounds with a raccoon to 50 pounds for a beaver. While the weight doesn’t appear to be that high, remember, you will need to carry the trap away from your body which causes the weight to feel heavier due to reduced leverage. Carrying caged animals off roofs adds to the danger as the animal will run back and forth in the cage thereby shifting the weight of the cage. Failure to prepare for the change can cause a catastrophic fall from the ladder.
  • Dangerous: Job exposes the worker to dangers from animals, heights and crawl spaces. Exposure to zoonotic diseases is a real risk.
  • Methodical: Workers need to perform similar tasks with consistent accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Responsible: Workers have to remember where traps have been set. In some cases, dozens of traps located around a city will need to be remembered and checked daily no matter what the weather.
  • Driver’s license: Worker will need to be able to operate a light to heavy truck safely while under time pressure.
  • Customer Relations: Workers will be required to have high customer service skills. Work is often done inside homes with customers watching.
  • Phone skills are a definite must.
  • Self-Supervision: Ability to work without supervision. Work is often lonely and without the supervision of a boss or client.
  • Adaptable: Workers must be able to be inventive and have a make-do attitude when confronted with non-typical wildlife control situations.
  • Handle Inclement Weather: Wildlife control work is done year-round. The worker must be as comfortable working in a hot attic as they are outdoors on a ladder during freezing temperatures.

Finding a service that is ethical, humane and effective:

It will not be possible for a responsible company to provide an estimate over the phone. Although the company can explain their services in detail, it is not until they survey the situation that they can offer a price to remove the problem animals.

Those that provide wildlife removal services in Loudoun County will first identify the animal, where it is gaining access to your home and whether it is a lone animal or if there is offspring

  • Get details on how the problem will be dealt with: Find out how the company plans on dealing with the problem and how the wildlife will be treated. If the animal is to be killed, ask why. Will the proposed method resolve the problem or is it anticipated the animal will return?
  • Prevent a recurrence: Only employ a company that stands behind its service. Insist on a guarantee of at least a year to ensure there is no re-entry. The job is only finished when the entry points have been found and sealed.

The best wildlife removal services in Loudoun County are well known, ask the local humane society or animal control agency of the local government for a reference. You can also ask the company to provide you with the names of a few previous clients that you can check with.

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