Common Damage Due To Squirrels

The most common North American gray squirrel species is in the rodent family and is an invasive species that can cause significant damage to your home and can also transmit many diseases causing respiratory issues to the health of you and your family.

Flying squirrels are also a big concern as they, too, can cause a lot of damage to your home when they take up residence in your attic or chimney. They will chew wires and destroy your insulation. Summit can help rid you and your home of these pesky rodents and can save your home from continued damage, which can be extremely costly to fix.

Location of nests

You might be asking what area of the home they damage most. The answer to that is your attic. They will look for a safe, warm spot to raise their young, and your attic fits the bill perfectly. Not only does your attic shield them from predators, but it also offers them lots of different materials that they love to build their nests with.

There are many ways they can enter your attic space, and that easy access means that these critters will more than likely take up residence there. Overhanging trees or an already damaged roof allows them to find a way into your home.

They are also fond of taking up residence in your chimney. The dark, enclosed space of your chimney is a favorite destination because it offers a sense of safety. Just don’t tell them what the chimney is actually used for!

How squirrels can damage your home

There are many common repairs needed due to these tree squirrels. First, they really like to gnaw things like electrical wires for example. That means once they get in your house, they will chew on wires, including your electric and cable wires, leaving them exposed, which can be dangerous to humans and other pets in the home. The common repairs needed due to eastern grays can be an extensive list that includes replacing wires, installation, and piping.

What area of the home squirrels damage most can vary in each situation. Squirrels can also damage your chimney by bringing in nesting materials that will block up your chimney, creating a fire hazard.

As well as damaging the inside of your house, urban squirrels can also damage the outside. In search of resources, an inquisitive squirrel will chew on your siding or create holes in your roof or walls in order to carry away material or find their way inside.

A more serious risk is the health hazards that squirrels typically can pose. Cleaning up their feces and urine should be done by a professional. Wearing rubber gloves and a dust mask are smart precautions, but a dust mask does not protect against viruses. For more information on the health risks, click here.

Getting rid of squirrels

When you need help with squirrel damage, we can offer an array of answers. Once you hear those first sounds of squirrels rummaging around your attic, there is no time to waste!

Summit are experts on discovering how squirrel families damage your home. We know all those secret spots squirrels love. We will make sure we examine every inch of your attic, chimney, and other areas of your house in order to find the access point the squirrels have been using. From there, we will develop a plan of action to trap your giant squirrel residents and return them to their proper habitat.

Call us today at 703-520-5868 for a no-obligation quote if you’re worried that you have some unwanted guest scurrying around your attic and causing mayhem. We’ll make sure that we leave you squirrel, and worry free!

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