Common Diseases Transmitted By Household Pests

Common diseases transmitted by household pests

Health alert: Please read over this carefully as it is important to your family! Homeowners must keep in mind that animals that enter their home environment are not only a nuisance but can actually pose a serious threat to their health and well being. It is true that the animals often litter the environment and damage the fixtures and settings in the house but the most worrisome aspect is the numerous diseases transmitted by the animals. This is the main reason why the owners need to call a wildlife control company as soon as they notice animals entering their home surroundings. Please see the CDC, the center for disease control, for more information regarding health alerts and concerns.


If the food in the home gets infected by rodent feces, chances are that the members of the family are going to contract salmonellosis which is a type of bacterial food poisoning, usually marked by gastroenteritis.


Creatures such as the house mouse and other rodents are often the cause of rickettsialpox, a type of disease characterized by chills, fever, backache, headache and a spotty rash which is transmitted to humans by the bite of mites.


Pests in the home environment may often lead to cerebral meningitis.


Also known as Weil’s Disease, this type of disease is transmitted to humans by contact with the urine of the infected animals. It is highly infectious and is characterized by jaundice and fever.

Rat-bite fever

Rat bite, fever is one of two febrile human diseases, transmitted usually by rat bites. It causes septicemia marked by irregular and relapsing fevers, muscle pains, rashes, arthritis, and bodily weakness.


This is a highly infectious disease that mainly affects rodents but it is not uncommon to find cases where it is transmitted to humans through a few different insects or contact with infected animals. The disease in humans is characterized by intermittent fever as well as the swelling of the lymph nodes in the body.


Mice are often the carrier of small mites and these tend to bite humans leading to dermatitis. Inflammation of the skin occurs followed by itchy skin and blisters may develop.


Tapeworm is one of the most dangerous yet common diseases spread from household pests to humans. They stay in the intestines of vertebrates and make them extremely sick. An adult tapeworm can live up to 30 years in a host. Most of the time the tapeworm will leave on its own; other times medication and sometimes surgery is needed to rid your body of these invasive creatures.


Favus happens to be an extremely contagious skin disease found in humans as well as numerous domestic fowl and animals which is caused by a fungus.

All species of rodents carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans and even common pets like dogs and cats may be affected. Therefore, the homeowner needs to get in touch with a good wildlife control company as soon as they locate the problem in their home.

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