Crawl Space Damage

Do you need crawl space repairs?

Crawl spaces can become damaged over the years. One main contributor to crawl space damage is rain. When it rains, crawl spaces can become flooded. Additionally, crawl spaces can have moisture and humidity problems which can cause fallen insulation and cracks in the foundation. Water and moisture can also cause mold and other fungi to grow which can be harmful for you and members of your household to be exposed to. Crawl spaces can also have termite damage. The best thing to do is if you suspect you have water damage or some other damage to your crawl space, you will need a thorough inspection.

Water damage: Crawl spaces can flood especially if they are not sealed or encapsulated properly. Crawl spaces also often house the home’s sump pump which can become backed up and lead to flooding the space. It is important to have crawl spaces properly encapsulated and there is a drainage and dehumidifier. Water can lead to costly damages to your crawl space which in turn affects the health of your home.

Summit Waterproofing offers crawl space dewatering programs to remove the water from flooded and water intruded crawl spaces. If your crawl space has water in it, it is important to have the water removed as fast as possible so there are no lasting damages or mold or mildew growth.

Some things that can be done to keep your crawl space dry include getting a new crawl space door, installing a sump pump and drainage system, having the correct kind of vapor barrier and getting a dehumidifier. When your crawl space is experiencing waterproofing or humidity issues, address them as soon as possible.

When a crawl space is too humid, something called stack effect can occur and can cause other issues within the crawl space such as falling insulation and the home becoming too humid or the temperatures unregulated. Stack effect can be prevented if the crawl space is well-maintained and conditioned.

Mold and mildew: When crawl spaces experience water damage or humidity issues, mold and mildew can grow. Mold and mildew can cause problems for members of your household, especially if they have allergies or asthma. Mold feeds off of water and there are several dangerous types of mold that are toxic. Keeping the crawl space dry and humidity regulated can help to reduce mold and mildew. Summit Waterproofing offers mold remediation to remove the mold from your crawl space.

Insulation: If you have old, fallen, rodent or pest infested insulation in your crawl space, it is important to have it removed and replaced. Insulation will help to keep the crawl space a healthy temperature which will keep the inside of your home properly regulated. In addition to temperature regulation, crawl space insulation can improve the air quality in your home, aid in the prevention of mold and mildew growth, save energy and preserve the home’s infrastructure.

Foundation Damage: Crawl spaces can have foundation damage. Foundation can become damaged for a number of reasons over the years. Whether it’s from leaking pipes, or settling or sinking, foundation can experience issues that need to be resolved to keep your crawl space in good shape. Occasionally, foundation will need to be stabilized with walls anchors and braces to prevent sinking and settling. You might also need floor joists to be reinforced in order to keep the crawl space solid.

Pest and wildlife damage:

Pest and wildlife can enter your crawl space and cause a great deal of damage. Some of the most common creatures you will find in a crawl space are mice and rats. Rodents are drawn to the insulation inside crawl spaces and will make their nests. Other wildlife such as snakes will be attracted to the crawl space, because of the food source it offers, the rodents. If you do not get your pest population under control in the crawl space, other wildlife will get in and cause damage. We offer pest control services for crawl spaces and other parts of the home to make sure that the pests stay out. An important part of pest control is pest seal out to ensure the pests are unable to return.

Crawl space repairs

Repairing your crawl space is necessary. If you are trying to sell your home or refinance, you will need to have an inspection of your crawl space, there are certain criteria that the crawl space has to meet in order to pass the inspection. Crawl spaces need to meet minimum standards in order to pass an inspection which differs from state to state. Sometimes crawl spaces can be neglected and people will not get them inspected and repaired as often as they should. The longer you wait for an inspection and repair, the worse the damage is likely to be. Some of the most difficult damage to remediate is water and wildlife or pest damage.

Why is it important to keep your crawl space well conditioned

If you have a crawl space, it is crucial to make sure that the humidity is under control and there are no moisture issues. If there are humidity and moisture issues that can lead to mold and mildew growth. Crawl spaces affect your home in more ways than you may think and it is important to keep it healthy to ensure your home is healthy.

For crawl space repairs, insulation, dehumidification, water or mold remediation or encapsulations in FairfaxAlexandria, Arlington and other parts of Northern Virginia, contact Summit Waterproofing.

Free estimate for crawl space repair and encapsulation

If you need to have your crawl space inspected for damage, contact Summit Waterproofing. In addition to crawl space repairs and encapsulation services, Summit offers basement waterproofing, mold remediation, foundation and crack repairs, animal removal, pest control services and insulation. If you need any of these services, contact Summit Environmental Solutions at 703-520-5868.

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