Damage Caused By Bat Guano

If there happens to be a colony of bats living in your home, or residing in your place of business, there are a few telltale things that you will notice right away! Wildlife control specialists around the globe have determined that if you can detect the odor that bat droppings give off, there may be as many as 35+ bats making your place of solace their new habitat.

The odor itself is an inconvenience: Having social meetings or guests could begin to worry you, as no one wants to visit a place that carries with it an offensive odor. The odor of the guano is offsetting, but it also can pose risks to your health that many don’t know can be fatal. The droppings of bats actually carry a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which causes histoplasmosis.

The spores of this fungus are found in the environment, and when the dweller of the building breathes them in, it is not uncommon for lung infections to develop. Difficulties such as scarring of the lungs and spread to the spleen and liver have taken place with many patients. As with many conditions, those with compromised immunity may be the ones most susceptible, especially if they already suffer from asthma, or have Crohn’s Disease.

As soon as a colony of bats decides to call the residence that you love home, they desperately need to be excluded. The area where the colony was roosting should be evaluated by an expert to determine if guano removal is necessary. virginiawildlifecontrol.com can inspect your site and provide a detailed assessment of your situation. Call virginiawildlifecontrol.comtoday at 703-520-5868

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