Handle Snake Sightings in Your Yard

Virginia abounds in snakes and while most of the species are devoid of venom, there are some venomous species as well. Unfortunately, most snake habitats share proximity with human settlements. This results in common snake sightings in the yard. Whenever snake sightings are noted in the yard, animal control experts should be entrusted to evacuate the reptile out of the property. Homeowners must not try to remove the snake by themselves. This might not only be unsafe for the family, but also for the snake. Aside, there are strict laws against causing harm to wild animals.

Call animal removal services immediately

The first step that homeowners shall take on seeing a snake in the yard is to call an animal control company that operates in their vicinity. From whatever they have seen of the snake, homeowners should try and get an idea about the length color and type of scales on the body of the snake. This would help the animal control experts get an idea about the species of the snake. However, no attempt should be made at going near to the snake. Only an elementary brief should be sufficient for professional wildlife removers to figure out the equipment needed.

Keep children and pets away from the yard

Most reputable animal removal companies send their staff to the snake sighting location at very short turnarounds. In the meanwhile, it is important for homeowners to ensure that kids and pets do not go near the yard. Kids have a tendency to play in the yard for long hours. It is the duty of parents to keep checking on them. There have been several instances in the past where snaked in the yard have harmed pets and kids. Until the animal control experts arrive, it is important that kids are not allowed to go near the yard.

Ask for advice on keeping snakes away from your property

Once the snake is removed from the yard, professional animal removers take them into a place that is distant from residential settlements and resembles their own natural habitat. But the job of animal control experts does not cease here. After examining the yard, they can offer valuable tips to homeowners on sealing snake entry points. Professional animal control experts also offer invaluable advice on dealing with snakes until professional help arrives. It is up to homeowners to extract as much information from the professionals as they can.

If you see a snake in your yard, call Summit Environmental Solutions immediately.

below is a snake video to help identify whether they are venomous or not:

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