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The most common bird that affects a home or business is the pigeon. You can find them all over parking lots, businesses and community parks. They may look beautiful and innocent, but they are really a public nuisance. A pigeon infestation can be terrible for your home or business.

If you are a business owner in Virginia, Maryland or DC, you need a licensed professional to provide an inspection for pigeons and help develop a game plan for handling these pests. Summit Environmental Solutions (SES) offers pigeon control services. Contact us for a free inspection.

As a business owner, you have worked very hard to build your business and don’t want it to be impacted by a pigeon infestation.


1. Pigeons will create a perception of a dirty place of business

Pigeon droppings and nests are in fact very dirty… But, perception matters here. If the pigeons are just hanging out on the roof or by your front door, their presence alone could send the wrong messages to your customers and employees about the cleanliness of your business. True or not.

Customers might be hesitant to park in front of your business in fear of leaving with a vehicle covered in guano. Your employees may feel the same way and might think about parking elsewhere and simply walk to work. That’s a lot of trouble to go through on account of some birds, and it’s why we recommend that you invest in some pigeon deterrence from SES.

2. Pigeons can do lots of damage to your property

Pigeons aren’t just an eyesore under these particular circumstances. Their droppings are highly acidic, and can actually damage the roof of your business over time. Their guano is known to corrode bridges as well!  You may think to yourself, “Sure, but I rent…this doesn’t apply to me.” Yes, but all those droppings can really smell and make the roof of your business less effective at dealing with rain and wet weather, leading to a whole host of other problems and damages to your business.

For example, it’s common for pigeons to build nests in exposed roof drains and gutters. These nests can cause a “dam” effect, blocking the effective removal of water from the roof after a summer thunderstorm that has dumped 3 inches of rain in one hour. All that extra weight can cause problems for your roof too—and, in extreme cases, even a collapse.

3. There are serious health risks associated with pigeons

Not many people know that pigeons are a source of several infectious diseases, including bronchiectasis, hypoxia, peribronchial fibrosis, pulmonary cysts, to name just a few. These diseases are mainly spread to humans through contact with feather dust, dried bird droppings, and mites.

If your business serves or prepares food, this problem is even more pronounced. You simply cannot have a pigeon infestation and expect your business to be as clean as you’d like it. You’ll need professional pigeon removal services.

4. Pigeons can damage vehicle and building paint

Those acidic droppings we mentioned earlier? That same property means they can really damage the paint on vehicles and buildings, causing significant property damage for you and your customers if left unchecked.

Often, the biggest problem is company cars and vehicles in a dealers lot for example, which are constantly on-site—and, therefore, a consistent target for pigeons. You spent thousands wrapping and branding your business’ vehicles. It’s not worth it to let a pigeon ruin all that.

Call SES, the best choice for help with your business’ pigeon infestation!

Pigeons might seem innocent enough. They certainly don’t have as much bad publicity as other pests found here in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC. But, if you’re a business owner, you need to be ready to deal with pigeons quickly and effectively. For that, you’ll want the help of the experts at Summit Environmental Solutions.

We’re the best choice for pest control and pigeon control here in NOVA and metro areas. Contact our team today to schedule your free bird abatement inspection. We’ll help you develop a game plan for dealing with your pigeon problems.

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