How To Get Rid Of Bats In Your Home

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How to get rid of bats in your homea single bat may get into your home, this creature is usually a juvenile that has lost its way and its single goal is to escape. The best thing to do is help it, open windows and exit doors and close all the interior doors. It is best to let it find the way out, they are not aggressive creatures but they will bite if they are grabbed. As bats often carry rabies, don’t try to grab it; if it needs help getting out of the house – catch it in flight using a butterfly net and then release it outdoors.

What about getting rid of a colony?

Getting rid of a colony of bats that have invaded your home is a different story; you must contact a company that offers professional bat removal in Woodbridge VA. The only way to solve the problem is to exclude them and this is something that can only be done after the juveniles have been weaned, late summer and early fall. As the youngsters are not capable of independent flight, they will starve to death in the attic or in the walls of your home, the result will be a terrible smell and insect infestation.

Bats can get into space through a very small hole. Bat exclusion starts with careful observation of the creature’s entry and exit points. This is actually not difficult as there will invariably be evidence of staining and dirt near the hole or crevice they have adopted. Bat removal in Woodbridge VA can now commence.

Obviously, the secret is to bar entry once they have left in the early evening. Bat exclusion professionals will close all holes and crevices or install one-way cones that allow the bat out but deny it reentry.

There are no known harmless bat repellants, the only way, and the humane way is to exclude them from their roosting place.

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