How to remove squirrels from your attic

When you have noticed the pitter patter noises from your attic and realized that the body on the animal is probably larger than mice, you may have attracted a nice warm home for a squirrel and her family. Removing the squirrels from your property is extremely difficult and you will need the services of an expert professional company, like ourselves, to perform your animal control in Fairfax, VA.

Has the whole family moved in?

In the early stages, it is probably only the mother that has moved into your property. She will probably be carrying babies and is searching for a nice warm and safe area to birth her babies and keep them away from both bad weather and predators. The father may possibly be away collecting food and returning it to their family.

There is a dilemma that is faced by your family when a nursing squirrel is living with her family in your attic. It is very difficult to find the nest in your attic and this may cause so much stress to the squirrel and her family, that they may lose their lives. Our animal control in Fairfax, VA., will then be involved in removing dead animals from your property.

You may wish us to place humane traps to catch the family safely. Alternately, should the family move out to collect food, this may be a great opportunity for our company to seal your property efficiently against these and other wildlife, from entering your home.

You can differentiate from the noises in your attic because rats and mice will be active during the night, whereas squirrels tend to be at their most energetic during the morning and sometimes during the day.

It is better for you to avoid the myths that suggest you can lay traps with ideas from the Internet, which may helpfully offer peanut butter as bait. We know squirrels and have experienced their lifestyles for the past 25 years. We understand what bait must be laid into the traps so that they are encouraged to visit and become trapped, so that we can safely remove them at the earliest possible opportunity.

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