Keep Squirrels At Bay With These 20 Tips

1. Apple cider vinegar spray

The pungent smell of pure apple cider vinegar repels the squirrels. ACV is readily available and can be sprayed directly on the plants and flower pots without harming them. Spray it as often as needed to keep the little creatures at bay.

2. Strobe lights

If the squirrels intrude your home and are living in your attic, you may use a strobe light to deter them. The regular flashes of light irritate the pest while being harmless. The squirrels will definitely not hide in places where these lights are installed.

3. Motion sensor sprinklers

Squirrels get extremely scared with this type of sprinklers that start to function as they sense motion on your lawn. It protects your garden from the tiny pests while watering your plants in an effortless way.

4. Keep your yard clean

Keeping your yard clean is extremely important not just to keep squirrels away but to prevent the invasion of other pests and deadly animals such as snakes.

Clean away the fallen nuts and fruits that squirrels like eating.

Regular cleaning makes your garden free from pests as well as augment its beauty.

5. Mulching

If the squirrels tend to dig up the planted bulbs, consider adding mulch to the soil. Squirrels find mulch unattractive and stay away from it.

If the problem still exists, put some decorative stones that are heavy for them to remove or just use a mulch which is heavy in weight.

6. Animal repellents

There are specific repellents on the market that can be purchased to help keep squirrels and other wildlife away. This is a humane method to deter squirrels because they do not like the taste or smell of the repellent and will stay away from the area.

7. Jalapeño pepper-vinegar spray

Jalapeño pepper irritates the squirrels. When mixed with vinegar, it produces a pungent smell that is disliked by them.

Make a spray solution by mixing jalapeno pepper and vinegar. Spray it in your attic to check their entry.

8. Safflower seeds

If the squirrels are destroying the bird feeder, consider mixing the seeds with some safflower seeds. The bitter taste of the seed will not bother the birds but will angst the squirrels, keeping them away in a natural way.

9. Fox urine

Foxes are natural predators of squirrels and the little creatures will always stay away from places frequently traversed by a fox.

You can use fox urine if you find it in an online store or from the zoo to prevent the entry of squirrels in your garden and house.

Fill a spray bottle with the fox urine and spray it in the attic and near the plant beds to deter squirrels.

10. A dog

If you own a dog who likes to play in the garden, it could help you to scare away the naughty pests, such as squirrel, from your home. They can easily hunt for squirrels and scare them far away from your place.

11. Create a greenhouse

If you like growing a lot of veggies that get damaged by squirrels, consider creating a separate greenhouse that prevents the entry of the squirrels into it.

Make sure you keep the greenhouse locked at all times. It will also protect your plants from many other pests and birds.

12. Gravel

If the squirrels are digging up the soil near the plants, consider laying gravel. This will make digging difficult and discouraging.

Also plant bulbs that squirrels do not like such as daffodils, allium, and snowdrops. Daffodils are toxic to them and they will not cause any damage to them.

13. Live trapping

Live trap is one of the best home remedies to catch live squirrels and relocate them to another place. It is a more humane way to get rid of the pests without killing and harming them.

Buy a squirrel trap from a local store and put some food such as nuts and seeds that squirrels can’t resist.

As they come into the trap to eat the food, they get trapped. Keep a watch over the traps for any trapped squirrel. If you are planning to relocate it later, provide enough food and water for it to survive. It is best to relocate them as soon as they fall into the trap.

14. Grow mint

The strong smell of mint discourages the squirrels from intruding into your garden or home. Place a few pots with the fresh mint plant to deter them naturally.

15. Use human hair

Collect human hair or dog hair (if you have one) and put them in places where the squirrel mostly visit. This will scare them, as they would think a human is closeby, and make them leave your place.

You can also get human hair from a nearby salon. Put them in a bird feeder and at the base of plants to prevent the damage caused by them.

16. Ultrasonic devices

When squirrels are causing a nuisance in your attic, nothing works better than an ultrasonic repellent.

This device creates an ultrasonic wave that is not audible to the human ear but can highly irritate the squirrels deterring them from your house.

17. Remove Food Sources

It is important to remove food sources that attract squirrels and to keep bird seed properly stored. Additionally, you can cover plants with chicken wire to ensure that squirrels cannot eat the plants in the garden.

18. Keep trash sealed

Squirrels may get attracted to your home to find leftover food in the trash bin. Keeping the trash bin sealed will prevent attracting squirrels and other pests.

19. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is known to repel squirrels in an effective way. Just sprinkle some of it on the bird seed to prevent them from damaging the bird food.

You may also sprinkle it everywhere else to deter them from your home and garden.

20. Build a fence

Building a fence will help you get rid of the squirrels for a long time. You may use netting to protect your plants from them or create a fence over the entire plant bed to prevent them from reaching your plants.

The fence should be 8-12 inches below the ground or the squirrels will come digging through the soil.

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