Major Steps in Professional Bat Removal

Bats may sometimes find their way inside the house through an open window or crevice. If the room is closed off from the rest of the house, it may have a hard time finding its way out. However, this is not an option and it is necessary for the homeowner to call for professional wildlife removers to remove it safely without physically touching or injuring the frightened creature.

Wait for the bat to stop moving

A bat is almost impossible to catch while flying and if the homeowner attempts to do so, they not only have a chance of hurting the bat but may even hurt themselves. Thus, it is best to wait until the animal is airborne no more. This ensures that the animal is no longer in a state of panic and will not attempt to bit at once. Patience is key in such situations.


It is important to approach the bat quietly, and anybody capturing the bat must wear thick gloves or use a heavy towel. They should scoop up the bat, not tightly but securely, and place it inside a box or some similar container with a lid. It is best not to place the bat in a container with small openings since bats are an intelligent creature and can easily squeeze through very small cracks. Since homeowners might be afraid themselves, it is important that they seek the help of professional wildlife removers.

Professionals release the bat outdoors

As soon as the bat is safely captured, the container needs to be taken outdoors. A flashlight and towel or gloves may come in handy in case the bat has trouble flying away. The best place to release the bat is an elevated area. The container needs to be tilted to the side slowly so that the bat is able to fly out and it will not be able to do so out of a grounded container which has been kept in a vertical position. However, if the weather outside is cold or bad, it is best to wait since the creature might otherwise be harmed. Animal removal experts observe all these points before releasing the bat.

Safety measures

Once the bat is released, its movement should be tracked at night using the flashlight. If it flies away, then there is no trouble but if it seems unable to then it is probably sick or injured. In such cases, the bat needs to be put in the container once more and kept in a safe place out of reach of children, pets, ants and other potential hazards. The homeowner must at once place a call to the professional wildlife removers who are trained to handle wild creatures.

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