Myths About Bats Revealed

While bat removal in Fredericksburg, VA is important because no one wants bats flying around their yards or getting inside their home, there are a few myths out there about bats that truly need to be put to rest. This is not to say; that bats can’t be dangerous and that you should let them fly around your property unchecked, just that you need to be brought up to date on what is true and not true about these creatures. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top myths about bats to be revealed.

Myth: Bats are only flying mice

The truth of the matter is, bats aren’t even rodents. They are actually in a class of their own called Chiroptera. So, you can put your mind to rest that you have rodents flying around your property. They aren’t, but if you do decide they need to be removed, please contact a company to perform safe bat removal in Woodbridge, VA for your own sake.

Myth: All bats have babies

Contrary to popular belief, only one percent of all bats actually carry rabies. That does not mean that that one percent isn’t living on your property, so it’s very important to call in a professional to perform bat removal in Stafford, VA if you find bats on your property or in your attic.

Myth: Bats intentionally get tangled in your hair

For one thing, bats don’t build nests, so they truly have no interest in your hair. There have been times where the bat has become alarmed and flown into someone’s hair while trying to get away from humans. However, it’s not intentional, and the bat is as scared you as you are of it.

Myth: A bat will attack you

Bats are actually very afraid of people and go out of their way to stay away from anything resembling a human.

Myth: All bats are dirty creatures

While bats may be portrayed as dirty in the movies and on TV, in fact, they are very clean and groom themselves just as cats do.

These are just a few of the myths about bats that need to be dispelled. While they aren’t as dangerous as they are made out to be, you still don’t want a bunch of them hanging around your property. For help with removing them from your property, contact the professionals at Summit Environmental Solutions today at 703-520-5868 .

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