Raccoon Removal and Control in Northern Virginia

Do you need raccoon removal or raccoon control in Northern Virginia? 

The most common form of raccoon removal in Northern Virginia, as well as raccoon control, is by trapping the animal itself. Summit Environmental Solutions offers these types of services, among many others surrounding bug and insect infestations, squirrel removal, bat control, and critter control. Raccoon removal in Northern Virginia is becoming more popular as the mating season for the animals is coming to an end and the weather is becoming cooler and cooler. Some professional wildlife companies may use chemicals to rid a property of critters. but the best way to do it is by using traps and removal are the way to go plus is a more humane option.


Raccoons are always fun to look at from a distance, that’s for sure. They may look like little bandits with the black mask on the face, but they can cause a lot of property damage when they decide to move into your property.

Raccoons are similar to squirrels in a sense that they are both scavengers, and like to take up space in your attic or basement. Additionally, they can eat your landscaping and demolish everything in its path if it wants to. One good thing about having a raccoon problem versus and squirrel problem is that some homeowners insurances cover the removal of the animals and the repair. This is because raccoons are in the bear family.

Trapping may be illegal

In many areas, you are not allowed to trap the animal yourself. You must hire a licensed trapper that will have to set up an appointment to evaluate the situation and come up with a game plan to remove or trap the animal.

Raccoons are known to be riddled with diseases as well, so if you have indoor-outdoor cats/dogs – keep an eye on them because if you see a raccoon out during the daytime, it typically indicates that it is sick. You do not want to ever put your domesticated animals in a situation where they cannot defend themselves

To find out more in-depth information about raccoon removal services, do not ever hesitate to either visit Summit Environmental Solution online or give them a call! One of their staff will be able to provide you with information and services that are currently being offered.

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