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Raccoons have adapted to living in an urban environment and learned to coexist in human settings. They are one of the most commonly dealt with nuisance animals and won’t hesitate to take up residence in attics, chimneys, crawl spaces, barns, etc. The warmth and shelter offer them superior protection.

Once attracted, a raccoon will pry a hole in your home to find a den. They have learned that houses are excellent habitats and that garbage cans and dumpsters are great sources of food. Inside an attic, raccoons can cause substantial damage in very little time. They often rip open ducts, chew on electrical wiring, contaminate, tear and even destroy insulation. Raccoons are strong animals and a mother raccoon will become very combative if she feels that her babies are in danger.

How we get rid of raccoons:

Anyone working in attics, flues, or any den site where raccoon feces is present should use a protective respirator with HEPA filters, wear gloves, and follow safety practices to avoid accidental ingestion or inhalation of raccoon roundworm spores found in most feces. Clean-up of raccoon feces presents a safety concern and should be done using methods that prevent creating dust or contaminating living areas. Be sure to check your local trapping laws and legal requirements as they may differ from county to county. In some locations, trapping and relocation may not be an option.

Wildlife control specialists are trained to humanely catch and remove a troublesome raccoon from homes and attics.

Most common diseases spread by raccoons:

Rabies, raccoon roundworm, giardia, leptospirosis. Raccoons are also a host for parasites, like ticks, fleas, mites which can transmit a number of diseases as well.

Preventative measures:

  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Seal garbage cans
  • Get your home inspected by a wildlife control specialist
  • Seal entry points (be sure that all wildlife is gone)
  • Get professional-grade repairs done
  • Install raccoon guard
  • Install vent, ridge, or roof guards


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Why address the problem:

Raccoons are one of the most destructive wildlife animals. The sooner the problem is addressed the less it is going to cost. A raccoon poses many problems to your home: They carry a number of parasites and diseases that can affect people or pets. They will search hard for food and are fond of tipping over trash cans, raiding dumpsters, and stealing pet food. They will often break into a screened-in porch to get pet food.

Services provided:

Raccoon Trapping | Raccoon Removal | Raccoon Feces Clean Up | Repairs | Insulation Replacement | Raccoon Disinfecting and Deodorizing

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