Roof Repairs And Replacements

What Is the Process Like?

Roofs plays a critical role in the structure of the home and should be maintained, repaired and replaced when necessary. The upkeep of a roof is probably one of the most important home improvement projects there is. Without a roof or with a faulty roof, the interior of the home can experience severe and costly damage.  A failing roof can lead to a collapse which is extremely dangerous for not just the structure and integrity of the home, but also for the residents of the property. There are many factors that can contribute to the need for replacing or repairing a roof. Roofs are most commonly damaged from natural elements such as the sun, rain, wind, snow and ice, moss and algae, and trees and leaves. Some other factors include missing or damaged shingles and flashing.

What Are Some Signs You Need Repairs or a Roof Replacement?

Some signs your roof needs some work done are worn, cupped, curled or cracked shingles, leaks and other major damage, and roofs just generally looking bad. If there is light entering the attic space, staining, water entering your home from above or your roof is older than 20 years old, there is a chance you will need repairs and replacements. People will often get new roofs if they see their neighbors get them, just to keep up the appearance of their home. Having a new roof adds to the property value of the home and then it can be sold for more if needed.

General Upkeep of Roofs

Be on the lookout for damage and get it repaired as soon as possible. If there are trees nearby the home, keep them trimmed at least five feet away from the home and roof. Remove loose debris, mold and moss. Regularly clean out the gutters, soffits and fascia. Chimney, vents and skylights need to also be maintained. It is crucial to inspect for rust and other damages on a routine basis. Historical files with the history of the roof and repairs, renovations and restorations of the home should be accounted for. Warranties should be evaluated and maintained to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. A warranty will protect the work done on the roof and if there is any need for additional repairs, the warranty will cover that work.

What Goes into Repairing or Replacing a Roof?

When getting a roof repaired or replaced, it’s important to understand the components that make up a roof. Roofing systems are made up of roof covering, sheathing, roof structure, flashing, trim and drainage. While roofs are built with practicality in mind, they should also be built with the aesthetics of your home in mind. There are various materials for roofing: asphalt, wood shake, metal, slate, ceramic and clay tile. Different styles of roofs are best for certain climates and weather. In Northern Virginia, the most common roof is the asphalt shingle. A benefit of having shingle roofing is, single shingles can be replaced if they go missing or are damaged.

In addition to the structural components of roofing there are also design elements associated with roofing. The seven design elements of roofs are ridge, hip, valley, pitch, eaves, gables and dormer. Along with the structural components, the design components will make the roof efficient and pleasant to look at.

What Are the Steps of Roofing?

First, the shingles of the existing roof need to be removed and disposed of. Repairs need to be made to the roof itself and then ice dam protection needs to be installed. Asphalt treated paper needs to be installed over the sheathing and then the installation of a metal drip edge and flashing needs to be done. Installation of roofing material such as shingles, slate, metal or wood shake, and lastly there needs to be a ridge vent and then final clean-up needs to be done.

Some Things to Know about Roofing

Roof Repairs And Replacements tend to be very expensive. The price of a roof replacement or repairs for a roof are dependent on the cost of the materials chosen for the project. Roofing materials can vary greatly in price and it is advised that high quality materials are used to ensure the roof is effective and lasts for years. While roofs are expensive, they may save the homeowners a lot of money spent on other home repairs in the long run. A solid roof can save homeowners a lot of time and money by owning other issues within the home that could have been avoided if there was a good roof in place. Roofing can be a long process depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed. It is important to note that not every company that rebuilds or replaces roofs will be able to remove an existing roof. In addition to potentially being a lengthy process, roofing is very noisy. The process involves quite a few steps and all steps are loud.

What Are Some Other Reasons Why You Should Replace a Roof?

Besides the obvious reasons of replacing a roof, there are some other reasons why roofs may need maintenance, repairs or replacements. A new roof will help with the energy efficiency of the home. The home’s temperature will be better maintained and overall it will cost less to heat and cool the home. Additionally, solar panels can be installed on the roof to help with the energy consumption of the property. A new roof will also offer protection from the elements and even animals and other pests that may try to enter your home unwelcomed.

Do You Need Roofing in Northern Virginia?

If you are in need of roof repairs or a roof replacement, Contact Us today for a fast yet thorough, friendly and free estimate. A skilled technician will take a look at your roof and determine what needs to be done to get it to the best condition. Roofs are incredibly important to the home and we want to help you keep your home damage free and healthy. For more information or to schedule your free roof estimate, contact us today.

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